February 26, 2021

Who is MMA Fighter Ray Elbe’s Girlfriend?

Do you know who is MMA fighter Ray Elbe dating right now, Does anyone of you know what is the name of Elbe’s girlfriend? we have been madly trying to find out because she might or might not be the girl with whom he suffered a dramatic accident. This girl here is the one some source said is currently dating Elbe, she is a beautiful lady, with some amazing legs and a gorgeous face, so far we just know her as Bianca Marie.

Ray Elbe girlfriend-pictures

Let’s just begin this story by saying Ouch!!! So you all probably heard about the horrible, way too painful and way too gruesome to talk about it, besides what we are interested in is his girlfriend, is this girl posing with him?

Ray Elbe girlfriend

We are not sure if Ray Elbe’s girlfriend in the Malaysia accident is this same girl, media claimed is his girlfriend, so far this pretty lady is Bianca Marie who Ray also calls Shawty, they have been dating for quite a while…….. we don’t know her full name but I think at least we know how she looks like, and yes, she is insanely sexy!!

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We send our best wishes to Ray, get well!!