February 28, 2021

WNBA Jennifer Lacy- Former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw’s Ex-girlfriend

Jennifer Lacy was attacked this week by Chamique Holdsclaw, a former WNBA star and Olympic gold medalist. Her car windows were smashed with a baseball bat and then the car was gun fired by Chamique.

jannifer-lacy pic

Holdsclaw, from 35 years old, got a rage episode and attacked her ex-girlfriend and former teammate Lacy. When Jennifer parked her Range Rover, Holdsclaw smashed the driver’s side and rear passenger windows with a baseball bat. Afterwards, she took out her 9-mm pistol and shot into the car before escaping from the scene.

The police officers think Holdscaw poured fuel in the car before and tried to make it explode. Lacy smelled gas in the car but luckily nothing happened to her.

Lacy and Holdsclaw played in the same team, Atlanta Dream in ‘09, and Lacy changed to the Tulsa Shock. Lacy mentions:

I want to thank my family, friends, fans and Shock family for their concern during this difficult time.I have never felt more love from my fans in supporting me.

Holdsclaw, raised in Queens has won 4 state championships in a row at Christ the King Regional High School. She suffers of depression and before she went by herself to the police on Thursday, she tweeted a post mentioning the attack on Tuesday. This is what the message says:

Everything is a lesson learned. We all make decisions good and bad. As long as we grow from them that’s all that matters. #lessonlearned.

She has an autobiography, “Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot After Shot,” that was published this year. She mentions she has tried to kill herself  in 2006 with an overdose of depression pills.

She may be condemned for the following charges: aggravated assault, damage to property and reckless conduct. She got a $10,000 bond.

Lacy’s Bio

She was born on March 21, 1983. Her height is 6-3 / 1,91. Her weight is 175 lbs. / 79,4 kg. She studied in Pepperdine College. Her years as a BKB pro are 6.

She has been the first player from the West Coast Conference (WCC) to make a WNBA roster. Her dad, Lee Lacy was a professional baseball player in the Major League. Her two brothers are Eric and Michael. She loved to do track and field in high school. She likes reading, music and movies. She is looking forward studying law school after her playing career is over. She watches Grey’s Anatomy and her favorite actress and actor are Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. Her favorite artist is India Arie.