October 20, 2020

Zoe Di Matteo- Chelsea Roberto Di Matteo’s Wife

Roberto Matteo’s wife, Zoe Di Matteo has supported him along the way. Zoe an elegant English lady, and his three children are always behind the scenes and have become his inspiration and his fans number 1. Di Matteo currently lives in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire with his wife and children.

Roberto-Di-Matteo pic

Zoe Di Matteo born in the UK is the lovely, supportive wife of the former Chelsea manager  and mother of three adorable children, two of her kids were born in London, the other in Rome. After the specialists called time on his football career in 2002, at the age of just 31, he decided that he needed a break.

On his own words:

I just felt that I needed to close the chapter and open a new book. I needed to go away and have some rest. Close the football career.

It was not really a retirement. He sold the two restaurants, Friends in Hollywood Road near Stamford Bridge and Baraonda just off Regent Street. he also went for earning his degree in business administration in Switzerland. Then he enrolled in the London School of Economics but never completed his studies.

He replies for this time:

I didn’t do the dissertation, which was a shame. I regret that.

He got his Pro License course at Warwick University and set up a property business in Switzerland.

After all that it was time, he was ready to get back to soccer. He declares:

I had that fire in my belly to get back into it. I had adjusted to the injury and I was ready to move on in life. You cannot replace that adrenalin rush that you get at the weekend. It’s not the same as a manager as it was as a player but it is not far off.

His family are very close to him. Once at the Nou Camp, he read a text message from his son and began to compose himself, calling his wife Zoe and their children to share the sheer dizzying import of having led a team to the Champions League final.

You can see his family is the most important for him. During this incident, he recalls:

I just needed a few minutes on my own, to calm down.

He currently owns several restaurants in London, and he comments on Italian matches.

You can see pics of her on her husband’s FB by clicking here.