February 26, 2021

2 Secrets of Supermodel Diet of Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima

If you are left speechless every time you watch Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima walk down a ramp in skimpyUS-VICTORIA'S SECRET undergarments, you are not alone. There are millions like you who wonder how on earth Adriana manages to have a body like that. Lima is frank and does not pretend to eat whatever she likes as she knows it is hard to maintain an hourglass like figure that makes expensive Victoria’s Secret lingerie look majestic on the ramp with her breathtaking curves. If you are dying to know the secret behind Adriana Lima’s sensuous and sexy figure and her supermodel diet, here it is.


Secret No1: Gym workout

Adriana works out every day with her trainer at the gym. She says that her workouts are intense and it really does not matter whether she works out for half an hour or an hour, it is the intensity that matters to her. She does rope skipping, she does boxing, and she also lifts weights. She remains under the supervision of a nutritionist who keeps record of her body mass index. The muscle mass of her body, the amount of water, and her body fat all remain in control with the help of this nutritionist who prescribes the vitamins, shakes, and of course the health supplements to keep up her energy levels and also to make her skin glowing naturally.


Secret No. 2: Water

adriana_lima_facebookOne secret of Lima’s amazingly supple body and her curves is the amount of water she drinks daily. She consumes a gallon of water every day. Now here is the supermodel diet secret that nobody knows about. Adriana Lima stops taking any solids nine days before her stage show and survives only on protein shakes. When it is only two days to go for her show, she stops consuming her daily a gallon of water liquid diet and takes water as and when she feels like it. She gives up water altogether though when only 12 hours are left for the ramp performance.

Not taking any water till the show makes her feel dry and she admits that she has lost up to 8 pounds with this magic trick in a matter of days. Sophia Neophitou, who is the chief fashion stylist for this year’s show says that Lima works harder than athletes as it is impossible to hide the lumps and bumps in the kind of lingerie that Lima has to wear during Victoria’s Secret show.

However, Lima is quick to point out she is back to normal once her show is over. Evenadriana-lima-victorias-secret-angel on the eve of a show, she says that she eats her cake and takes coffee so it is nothing like starving herself to get into the figure of an angel.