October 23, 2020

5 Emma Stone Weight Loss Tips! (Before and After Photos)

Emma Stone weight loss is amazing but she didn’t take the extreme diet or workout plan, rather she adopted moderate weight loss tips and here are top 5. The ‘Gangster Squad’ actress likes a relaxed way of diet and workout regime.

“I’m not worried about looking like a model or always trying to look perfect. I try to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep and go swimming when I can. That’s my fitness regime.”

Emma Stone Weight Loss before and after photos.


Emma Stone weight loss before and after 2


Emma Stone weight loss before and after

Emma Stone accepted the reality that nearly all human bodies are not perfect. Thus, she didn’t push her hard but very happy with little process. This might be her little secret to lose weight in a so easy way!

“I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting!’ You won’t hear me saying I have no body issues because I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.”

Here are 5 Emma Stone weight loss tips

Tip 1 Drink more than  7 glasses of Lemonade each day

Though Emma Stone didn’t reveal her diet recipes. And it’s said she was not restrictive to her diet plan, one key diet secret for Emma Stone is to drink more than 7 glasses of Lemonade. This way you can control the food portion and not feel hungry. At the same time, Lemonade offers enough Vitamin C.

 I never can beat myself up about it. I definitely am not restrictive. You are a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.

Emma Stone Workout Routine
Emma Stone said she didn’t run because “bad for knees”, rather she chose exercises of her favorite such as swimming, pilates, rock climbing and weight training thanks to her personal trainer “Armando Alarcon” who designed the specific workout plan for her.

I haven’t worked out for a month and I’m proud of it! Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim.

According to Emma’s workout regime, she did the following combination of exercises.

Tip 2 Rock Climbing

Emma Stone’s rock climbing exercise is an interesting cardio exercise, effectively helped her build slim shape. Emma Stone did rock climbing in Chelsea Piers because there’s the indoor rock climbing wall with easy to complex stages.

Tip 3 Pilates
LA based fitness instructor Mari Winsor revealed Emma Stone had Pilates session in LA, USA. He was once worked with Emma Stone with pilates and recommended 3 exercises to get slim body shape: Single Leg Stretches, Crisscross and “The 100”.

Tip 4 Walking
If there’ no other chance to do pilates, swimming or others, Emma would walk/jog or do slow running. This is quite different from what she said that she hated running. 

Tip 5 Weight loss motivation

Emma Stone’s weight loss motivation is to lose weight for the films.

I can easily spend a few months without working out until I have a film coming up and I might want to drop a few pounds.