January 17, 2021


Did you know a diet rich in fiber could be one of your best cancer prevention weapons? Researchers have found that both soluble and insoluble fiber reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially for women consuming upwards of 30 grams a day.


A large study revealed that women who ate a high fiber diet (38-77 grams/day) had a greater than 20% reduction in their risk of ovarian cancer compared to those with low fiber intake. Fill your cart with these foods.

Grab pen and paper or your favorite high tech gadget where you store all your must have in mind lists! And take a look at this great foods that can make a huge difference in your diet:

FRUITS: Prunes (7.7 g per cup), pear (5.1 g) Mango (3.3 g), Apple (3.3 g), Raspberries (8 g per cup), Raw blackberries (3.3 g), Seedless Raisins (5.4 g)

BREADS: Rye (5.6 g for 2 slices), Bran Flakes (5.2 g per cup), Wheat bread (5.2 g for 2 slices)

NUTS & SEEDS: Almonds (24 nuts), Pistachios (47 nuts), Peanuts (56 nuts), Walnuts (30 halves), Pecans (40 halves)

LEGUMES: Navy beans (19 g per cup), cooked Pinto beans (15.4 g per cup), Kidney beans ( 13 g per cup), canned beaked beans (5.2 g half cup), cooked Lentils ( 7.8 g half cup), cooked black beans (7.5 g half cup), cooked Lima beans (6.6 g half cup), cooked split beans (16.3 g per cup)

MEALS & CANNED FOODS: Half cup bean with ham soup (19 g), a cup whole wheat pasta and a half cup broccoli (9 g) canned Tomato paste (5.4 g per half a cup), canned Pumpkin (13 g per half a cup).

Study food labels to increase your fiber IQ. Explore the grocery aisles to learn about foods high in fiber, that will help you control diabetes, high cholesterol and other similar ailments. These can be controlled or improved by your continued diet of foods high in fiber every day!

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