October 22, 2020

Alice Eve on Spinach Diet 5 Months for the Role in “Star Trek: Into Darkness”

Alice Eve, who played Dr. Carol Marcus in “Star Trek: Into Darkness” shared her diet secret t UK Telegraph, that is: to take spinach diet. She said, to get a slimmer shape required by the role in “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, she altered her diet regime as soon as she scored the role and then she took spinach diet for as long as 5 months!

“You’ve got to look as if you can hold your own on the Enterprise, and that means you’ve got to be in proper fighting shape,” – Alice Eve

Alice-Eve-spinach diet-Star-Trek-Into-The-Darkness

Why choose Spinach diet?

Spinach diet is known to be in low calorie and rich in protein and Vitamins, folic acid that protects one from heart diseases.

What’s Alice Eve’s spinach diet?

  • Add spinach or every meal. (two to three cups of spinach)
  • Reducing fat intake
  • Reducing processed foods

Doctors recommended take Spinach Diet because it’s another life style to help you take more vegetables in daily diet which is more healthy.