January 18, 2021

Anne Hathaway Weight Loss Secrets! (Before and After Photos)

Check Anne Hathaway weight loss secrets revealed! Anne Hathaway, this famous actress, successfully lose weight for her famous film the “Devil Wears Prada” and now looks more skinny. Hathaway,  5’8″, her weight loss is around 25 pounds from an estimated 150 pounds to 125 pounds after her split from Raffaello Follieri. Here are her weight loss secrets!

anne-hathaway-weight-loss-before and after

Anne Hathaway Weight Loss Secrets: detox diet, hot foods and organic foods

Anne Hathaway detox diet

  • She drinks 2 spoons of olive oil (cold pressure) every day, before sleeping. This way effectively increase the liver metabolism and remove toxins, as liver is the key orgaon for toxin metabolism. Her detox diet not only for her to lose weight whenever necessary, but also enable her smooth and glowing skin!

I have no problem to do if it (the movies) require lose weight, gain pounds…  – Anne Hathaway

  • Anne also mantains the radiant complexion with sauna sessions.
  • To further eliminate the toxins, or to persue a quicker way of losing weight, she dinks a spoon of castor oil after party dinner or good lunch.

anne-hathaway-weight-loss-before and after 2

Anne Hathaway hot foods

Anne Hathaway is also fond of hot lunch, she eats hot lunch such as hot fish, hot vegatables and even hot fruit! Her favorite foods are hot pepper sauce and jalapenos. This is a good way to increase metabolism and hot foods are proved to digest more easily! But it’s still contraversy if eating hot fruit benefitial, in fact, it’s more recommended to eat raw fruit as the Vitamin C would be destroyed in boiled water!

I did a stict diet (before the movie of Devil wears Prada) and passed a lot of hunger!

Anne Hathaway organic foods

Anne Hathaway’s another weight loss tip is to eat organic foods which are the best source with little toxins produced.

anne-hathaway-weight loss

Anne Hathaway Weight Loss Secrets: jogging

Anny Hathaway loves jogging, her personal trainer as designed specific jogging trainning plan for her. This is a smart way of exercises because you can not only listen to music and breathe fresh air, but very easy to arrange as no sports center required. Her training includes the following tips.

  • Do warm up exercises before training
  • Run 3 or 4 days a week, rather than jogging for each day, this way, your body can reach the maximum status. Each sesson contains  exercises within 20 to 45 mimutes.
  • Jogging in a less to more routine. Start with soft and slower pace then go faster along the training and at the end slows down.

A little tip for Anne to let her leg muscle recover to the maximum status is to use Bisse Gel fitness.