October 22, 2020

Avoid Dairy: Secret to Megan Fox Majestic Post Baby Body

Giving birth to a baby only in September last year, the beautiful 26 year old mom is back into a stunning figure, and she gives credit to avoiding dairy products. Yes, anyone looking at the sultry actress after barely 6 months of her delivery is bound to be impressed by her figure. But the young mom of a baby boy Noah says that she has not being doing any workouts since delivery. The secret to her magic figure lies in her saying no to dairy.Megan-fox-megan-fox-356439_1680_1050


No workout at all for the mom of the infant

article-2248491-16859AB0000005DC-227_634x869The sultry actress herself seemed surprised at how quickly she got into a pre pregnancy figure. Talking to reporters at the premier of her new movie ‘This is 40 in Hollywood’, in California, Megan Fox confessed that she did not do any major workouts as she did not feel like doing them after delivery and frankly she wouldn’t recommend workouts after a delivery to all women as their bodies are not ready to take the load. But how the hell did she manage to not put on any weight despite not having done any workout? She is candid enough to leak out her secret saying dairy products are hard on hormones and not good for one’s body at all. If you want to put on weight, eat dairy products. Otherwise, just stay away from them.

Megan surprisingly gained only about 23 pounds during her pregnancy and did not have to make serious efforts to shed lots of weight as is the case with other women giving birth to babies. She says she is still 10 pounds heavier than she was before becoming pregnant but these extra 10 pounds are not visible to others. This is why she is in no mood to kill herself trying too much to shed these extra 10 pounds.


5 factor diet that Megan had during her pregnancy

What many people do not know is the extra effort Megan Fox made during her pregnancy. Her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, talking to friends recently, said that it would be better to refer to her as a model of health all during her pregnancy. She ate and exercise all through her pregnancy so as to remain active and happy and cheerful. Yes, her dietmegan-fox-post-baby-bod-secret-diet1__oPt and workout regime had to be altered slightly as the actress progressed from one trimester to another, but that was only natural and correct. In fact, Harley labeled Megan’s diet plan a 5 factor diet. She was allowed 5 small meals a day with a day in the week when she could actually eat whatever she desired. This day was labeled the cheat day.

So all you moms to be, here is one hell of a tip to quickly shed all the weight that you put on during pregnancy. Avoid dairy products at all cost after the delivery and you can get back your pre pregnancy figure in no time at all.