February 28, 2021

Celebrity Diet Secrets used by Snooki: Nicole Polizzi’s Celebrity SllimDown!!

Have you seen reality star Snooki’s new bod? Only seven months after the birth of her son, baby boy Lorenzo; Nicole is feeling and looking? Happier and better than ever! And so, how did she do it? I know, I know first thing you thought it was surgery! because I thought about it too! I mean she has the money right! But girl Nicole has been working harder than ever! Let’s read about her secrets to her awesome transformation.


We all got to know Snooki as the curvier girl from the bunch in the cast of Jersey Shore but this 25 year old mom affirms “hard work pays off” She has lost some incredible 42 pounds from that little 4 foot 9 body of hers! Secrets??

1. Hitting the gym every chance she gets! Meaning every day, 5 days a week she would go to Florham Park Fitness! When this girls sets her mind to something she can really pull it off huh!

2. Dieting to the style of Express Home Fitness’ meal service! Which consisted on healthy burgers and everything steam! Making a mental note or better yet put it up on your fridge so you wont forget!!

3. Help of a personal trainer.

4. Her own motivation. Girl says she did it for herself that she wanted to get back to her shape back in the day but another reason, to keep her man at home! You see, whatever the reason is to get healthy is always worth it to loose some extra pounds.

As we can see this girl turned to proven methods and got great results, how do you think she looks??

Take note of some other secrets used by celebrities that can give you excellent results:

1. Have you tried an elimination diet?? You can eliminate elements such as no carbohydrates or no sugar and white flour.

2.When running, keep a record of your track miles so you can improve your speed, power and strength.

3.Burn 500 more calories every day than you take in! Try some cardio and move your behind from the couch!

4.Switch up your workout. You don’t have to do the same boring routine every day!

5. Enjoy snacks of 75 or 100 calories instead of one of 500 in just one day! Your snack total should be 250 calories.

I hope as always this was helpful to you! And try it and you might look like Nicole pretty soon!