January 17, 2021

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Secrets 2013! (Before and After Photos)

Check “Christina Aguilera weight loss secrets 2013”! After her divorce from Jordan Bratman, Christina gained 40 lbs due to the “divorce foods” such as “devouring” pizza, binge drinking. It seems Christina Aguilera has been going through hard journeys of losing weight and tried every kinds of methods.

“I’ve been on all spectrums [weight-wise], I’ve been in this [business] for a long time … You can never be too much of anything, you can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy, voluptuous this that. I’ve been all sides of the spectrum as far as any female in this business.” 

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss before and after photos

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss after

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss before

christina-aguilera-weight loss before and after

photo credit: huffingtonpost

But just recently Christina Aguilera shoed her slim figure at the “The Voice” season four premiere. She looked so gougious in a black and white dress and sky high Louboutin heels. Pure Power Bootcamp Founder Lauren estimated she has lost 25 pounds!

“Christina looks like she’s lost 25 pounds, you can totally tell the difference in her face. I think before when she was dancing six to seven hours a day, she could maintain her weight. “

Christina Aguilera diet plan secrets

Here are 6  Christina Aguilera diet plan secrets, if you are not going to be on diet, her methods might be your best choices! Christina Aguilera takes into 1800 calories to 2000 caloies a day, much different from the low-calories diet. So how does she lose weight?

Tip 1: Lose weight through breast feeding!

It’s intereting to know that Christina Aguilera lose weight by breast feeding! Of course this method can only be adopted by breast feeding women. Once she told  US TV show

“I think they say that when you’re breastfeeding, your weight kind of slims down. It’s a little easier. It’s like a workout within itself. It’s very tiring actually and you find yourself snacking more often.”

Tip 2: Balanced diet

Christina Aguilera maintained a balanced diet includes whole grains, protein and veggies so supply enough energy.

Keeping me away from the things she likes to eat, only adds to irregularities in my metabolism. -Christina Aguilera

Tip 3: Small meals

She divided her meals into 3 meals & 2 snacks with each meals smaller amount.

Tip 4: 1 Day Off each week

Christina Aguilera would take 1 day off each week to eat foods she likes such as foods with chili cheese fries and sometimes eats candy. This is in fact a long-term effective way of losing weight because this will keep you much easier to stick to healthier diet in the rest 6 days, rather than giving up the whole diet plan after several months. She told US Weekly Magazine

“I’m not into depriving myself, I limit the bad foods that I like.”

Tip 5: Private chef that cooks healthier foods of her favorites

Privae chef are good at controlling calories and can cook the healthy foods in a delicious way. But it’s not necessary to hire a private chef and it’s too expensive! Rather you can cook yourself following the weight loss cooking guide.

 “I see myself, a girl who is more comfortable in her skin than ever before.”  – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Workout secrets:

Christina’s workout includes a 1 and half hour vigorous workouts, 5 days a week. Which has the following 4 features:

  1. Begin with a soft exercise: treadmill or elliptical with 40 minutes of intervals
  2. Toning exercises: such as chest presses, lunges, bicep curls, push-ups and ab exercises, 8-to-12 reps, 3 sets, for 40 minutes
  3. Soft exercises to end: 10 minutes of stretching
  4. Tee Sorge, Christina Aguilera’s personal trainer also changed the items every session to keep it fresh with better results.

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