February 26, 2021

Debby Knox 45 Pounds Weight Loss Diet Recipes Revealed! (Before and after photos)

Debby Knox lost weight for about 45 pounds quickly (from the end of May, 2013 till now) and she revealed her weight loss diet recipes to Wishtv recently to answer so many letters she has received regarding her weight loss.

Weight watchers weight loss program – not working for Debby (in 1987)

Debby Knox’s first weight loss motivation started in 1987 when she found her clothes too tight for her so she joined into Weight Watcher weight loss program instantly.

Result: 20 pounds lost but ‘then pounds came back and then some.

Successful weight loss in 2013

Debby Knox’s weight loss motivation raised again when her mother looked at her and said “I saw your cousin Gay Lynn the other day. She’s gained quite a bit of weight, but I told her you had too.” So she determined to lose weight following the steps below.

Debby Knox Weight Loss before and after photos

Debby Knox 45 Pounds Weight Loss before and after photos

1. Hire the 27-year-old Jeremy Brost as the personal coach

Debby hired Jeremy as the personal coach at the end of May of 2013.

The accountability and honesty he demanded made me get on board.

What we can learn: always find a workout pal with you or join into groups with people who can encourage each other and do workout with each other.

2. Follow Workout routine

The next step for Debby was to do follow strict workout routine with her personal coach. First, they worked out in Debby’s basement for an hour a week. Then they did cardio workouts at the Health and Recreation Center at Butler University. Debby also rode bike off and on in this period.

The workout in the Butler University center included the following sessions:

  • Elliptical: 10 minutes
  • Run/walk: 10 minutes
  • Rowing: 10 minutes
  • Elliptical: 10 mimutes


Debby’s plan was to lose 20 pounds, but the result is much better than she thought, so far she has lost 45 pounds and she prepared to lose another 5 pounds.

3. Change to healthy diet plan

Following Jeremy’s recommendations, Debby changed her diet plan as well. Her healthy diet plan includes the following basics

  • Upping the amount of protein to close to 100 grams per day because of active workouts.

The benefits of taking 100 grams protein per day is to get necessary protein taken in according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline, (amount of protein for women between the ages of 19 and 70 is 46 grams, take in more when actively doing workout) and another advantage is proteins keep you from being hungry by decreasing sugar cravings.

Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms. Then multiply that number by 1.3 (1.3 is the value for an active individual, 0.8 for not very active and 1.8 for extremely active). The number you get is the amount of protein grams you can take in a day. – wishtv

  • No sugar, bread, pasta, or potatoes

Check about Debby Knox diet recipes

weight loss diet recipes

weight loss diet recipes 2

4. Use weight loss app

Debby Knox used MyFitnessPal, the weight loss app to track her calories kept her aware of number changes.

It calculates how many calories I need to lose safely (1-2 pounds per week), gives me an accurate count of calories burned, and it has a splendid graph (which I look at daily) to show my progress.

Debby shared top 6 weight loss essentials

1. Always eat a good breakfast.
2. Include protein for every meal you eat, including breakfast.
3. Eat five to six times small meals a day.
4. Make your workouts worthwhile, high-intensity and easy to sweat.
5. Have the weight loss aim
6. Reward yourself for every little success

Debby Knox weight loss quotes

  • I think the no fruit rule has to do with the sugar content in a lot of fruit.
  • if you have the determination you will find a way. Get some foods in and around you that you like.  I find keeping the right foods on hand keeps me honest.
  • Get MyFitnessPal.
  • Get the one that fits you best. And stick with it. They work.
  • I don’t have a lot of discipline. I do keep the foods around me which are safe for me to eat.
  • Temptation is always around. Just get away from it.