August 4, 2020

Diet Coke Taylor Swift Sleek Can Limited Edition Come Soon! Does Diet Coke Help Losing Weight? (Commercial Ads Video)


Diet Coke Taylor Swift Sleek Can Limited Edition will release soon! Taylor Swift recently signed the endorsement deal with Diet Coke and now they will release Taylor Swift Diet Coke can which is a limited edition.

Unlike the common design, Taylor Swift Sleek Can featured with slimmer look and covered with Taylor’s signiture and Taylor Swift’s quotes: “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” You can also watch Taylor Swift’s diet coke commercial ads video below.

If drinking Taylor Swift Sleek diet coke really help for weight loss?

Diet coke boasted it’s low-calorie to as low as  1 calorie and no sugar within 330ml can.

A 330ml can of Diet Coke has less than 1 calorie and no sugar. This is because we use a blend of low calorie sweeteners that provide a great taste without the calories.  – Diet coke

But scientists have different opinions. According to scientists from Purdue University doing researches on diet coke,

Low-calorie substitutes in food and drink may actually make dieters pile on the pounds, scientists claim. – dailymail reports

This is because the taste of sugar and fat stimulates the body to have the desire to eat high calorie foods.

Tastes normally alert the body to expect calories, and when those calories aren’t present we believe the systems become ineffective and one of the body’s mechanisms to control food intake can become ineffective. – research

Results can be  seen online in Behavioural Neuroscience.

So be caucious with diet coke because diet coke can’t help you lose weight!

Taylor Swift diet coke commercial ads

Diet Coke vs. Coca-Cola Zero

There’s another coca cola zero claimed to have 0 calorie contained. There’s one experiment to compare the differences between diet coke vs coca cola zero and here are the results.

  • Diet Coke is said to contain 1-4 calories for each can, but  according to nutritional suggestions, ” But if a serving size contains fewer than 5 calories a company is not obligated to note it in its nutritional information. Diet Coke’s nutritional information reads 0 Calories, 0g Fat, 70mg Sodium, 0g Total Carbs, 0g Protein.”
  • For Zero calorie cola, “we are not entirely certain that its minimal calorie content is simply not required to be noted in the nutritional information. Coca-Cola Zero’s nutritional information reads 0 Calories, 0g Fat, 70mg Sodium, 0g Total Carbs, 0g Protein.”

So it’s unlikely to find differences by counting calories.

  • Diet Coke: “with great flavor” “Tastes fake right away.” “Much fresher brighter, crisper.”
  • Coca-Cola Zero: Tastes more regular, too sweet, or too odd.

Seems diet coke tastes much better.

Coca-Cola Zero commercial ads: ‘The Morning After’