January 23, 2021

Dukan Diet Truth Revealed! (Videos)

Dukan diet has been very popular weight loss program nowadays especially Kate Middleton is to take Dukan diet that helped her lose weight and keep slim. But what is dukan diet? If it’s safe? If you can take Dukan diet plan to keep long term slim? I have collected some videos on this topic and we can look into them.

 What is Dukan diet?

What is dukan diet? Dukan diet is a high protein diet as well as a low-carb diet which includes 4 phases.

  • The Attack Phase.  Only take foods with high-protein that results in quick weight loss.
  • The CRUISE Phase.  The diet alternates Pure Protein days (PP phases) and Proteins, during these process, the dieters are asked to take various of vegetables (PV phases).
  • Stabilization phase

Watch the following videos for more details. Mr Dukan explains in detail what is Dukan diet.

Is Dukan diet expensive?

This question is one that most people care about, the answer is given by Dukan below:

 What’s the difference between Duken diets and other diets?
Watch the following video to find the answer!

If Dukan diet really helps losing weight quickly?

Thid diet helps people lost an average of 10 pounds in 5 days, for others, it’s reported that they lost 50 pounds in just weeks! Hard to believe right? Just watch the video below.

Though the interview with the dukan dieters, you will see that it really work for many people. Help them lost their desired weight in short time.
Is Dukan diet safe?
Wait, maybe you need to check the following videos for more information. This popular diet plan has aroused controversial opionions among doctors and dietician. Jessica jantz is a dietician from Alvarado hospital. Her basic idea is dukan diet deprived yourself with nutrition that essential for proper daily function. Which caused nutritional imbalance, lack of energy. This kinds of diets typically don’t result in long term weight control. Here is her opinion.
Dukan diet recipes
Given so many objections from doctors, the diet is still popular and it’s still works! You can also try to cook some delicious dukan diet following the following video!
You can even make dukan diet sweet snacks! Watch the videos below.
What do you think of this kind of diet program? Do you brave enough to try it?