January 22, 2021

Extreme Olympics Diet For an Intensive Training


The hottest, most talented and fit athletes are competing at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, want to know what these amazing celebrities eat right when they wake up, before their intensive trainings, after their training and even right before they go to bed? Is there a special Olympics Diet we can get out teeth into?

Well this is your lucky day, prepare you enjoy an easy, healthy and delicious diet, that will make you feel like an Olympic athlete yourself!!!

This amazing diet will give you all the nutrients, vitamins and proteins your body need for that special Olympic workout you like to do everyday, remember this is a 6.000 calorie diet, and is specially made for a person who does an intensive training every day. Athletes at the Olympics burn over 15 to 20 calories a minute, they need a 4.000 to 6.000 calories to keep their pace, some might need to get their strength back by eating certainly McDonald’s, pasta, ice cream, pizza and even chocolate bars. But check this cool option.

7am: Breakfast

  • large bowl of cereal, such as porridge, muesli or Weetabix
  • half pint semi-skimmed milk plus chopped banana
  • 1–2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil or sunflower spread and honey or jam
  • glass of fruit juice
  • 1 liter fruit squash

8am: Training

  • 1 liter sports drink during training

9.45am: After -training Snack

  • portion of scrambled eggs
  • portion of baked beans
  • 1–2 rashers grilled lean bacon
  • portion of grilled mushrooms or tomatoes
  • 2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil spread
  • 1 litre fruit squash

11am: Training

  • 1 liter sports drink during training
  • 500ml low-fat milkshake after training

1pm: lunch

  • pasta with Bolognese or chicken and mushroom sauce
  • mixed side salad
  • fruit
  • 1 liter fruit squash

4pm: Training

  • 1 liter water or sports drink during training

5.30pm: After- training Snack

  • large bowl of cereal with half pint semi-skimmed milk, or 4 slices toast with olive oil or sunflower spread and jam with large glass of semi-skimmed milk
  • fruit
  • 500ml water

7.30pm: Dinner

  • grilled meat or fish, such as salmon, tuna or chicken, or lean red meat
  • 6-7 boiled new potatoes, large sweet potato or boiled rice
  • large portion of vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, corn or peas
  • 1 bagel
  • 1 low-fat yoghurt and 1 banana or other fruit
  • 750ml water and squash

9.30pm: P.M Snack

  • low-fat hot chocolate with 1 cereal bar

10.30pm: Zzzzzzz………

Each Olympic athlete have a special diet for their needs, training and taste, for example 20 year-old Taekwondo athlete Nur Tatar from Turkey takes 1.500 a day with her diet, while fellow Turkish athlete Elif Jale Yesilirmak a wrestler enjoys her 30.. calorie a day diet. A similar 3.00ncalorie diet suits U.S decathlon champ Ashton Eaton and U.S swimmer Michael Phelps takes 6000 and 10000 calories per day.

Check The diets Athletes at the 2012 Olympics are having these days.

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