October 23, 2020

“Extreme Weight Loss” Host Chris Powell: Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Made!

“Extreme Weight Loss” Host Chris Powell shared 3 weight Loss mistakes most people made, check below to find if you have made such weight loss mistakes and reasons why it’s not recommended to do.

“Extreme Weight Loss” Host Chris Powell Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Made!

from ABC news

Weight Loss Mistake 1:  to accomplish it all at once

When you made up your mind to lose weight, you would think: I need to accomplish my aim all at one and you started starve yourself or follow any kind of diet plan right?

It’s the number 1 mistakes most people made.

“Just make one or two tiny changes. Maybe just take the soda out of lunchtime. Or maybe try eating breakfast. You know, just those tiny little changes that are truly attainable.”

You will find people who want to accomplish all at once would quickly quit, rather the ones start little by little continuously would achieve unbelivable result!

Weight Loss Mistake 2: no cheat days

Most people not willing to take 2 days off as cheat days because of the fear of gaining weight, but this is not right. Cheat days are effective reward system to keep you going and cheat days are in fact helps for weight loss!

“On the low-carb days, you get the results of a low-carb diet,”  “But on a high-carb day, you actually boost your metabolism, you build muscle. So you get this beautiful offset of fat-loss and then metabolic boosting. You eat high-carbs on the days you want to boost your metabolism and build some muscle. On low-carb days, you burn a lot of fat.”

Weight Loss Mistake 3: too much workout

Too much workout is also one of the biggest mistakes people made. But what can be called “too much workout”? According to Chris Powell,  too much means more than one hour of cardio every single day and this is not necessary at all.

“You’ve got to start small and just begin moving,” said Powell. “We’re talking maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

Chris Powell workout routine

Besides sharing the weight loss mistakes, Chris Powell also shared his workout routine, the burpee, a combination squat thrust-pushup-jumping jack.

“The best thing about the burpee is it’s totally scalable,” explained Powell. “The people that I work with who are 400 to 500 pounds, they simply put their hands down and crawl down to the ground and slowly lower their belly down to the ground, they push up, and they walk it forward. As long as you start it standing, put your chest and thighs on the ground and then stand back up, you’ve got a burpee.”

The best part of squats and lunges is they can effectively increase metabolism and burn fat, and you can even lose weight while you’re sitting at a desk!

“You know the beauty of it is, there’s some magic that’s happening inside our body when we do these short-term, high-intensity work outs.”