October 23, 2020

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel’s Horrible Diet, Workout and Muscle Building!

Henry Cavill, this 30 year old “Man of Steel” actor, revealed to People magazine diet, workout and muscle building tips for the Man of Steel at Monday’s Man of Steel premiere in NY. Henry Cavill talked about this painful experience as,

“It’s a very, very long and involved process,”

Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel's Horrible Diet, Workout and Muscle Building!

Henry Cavill Muscle building process for her cast role for Man of Steel

Henry Cavill”s workout and muscle building started about 5 months before the shooting.

“Five months before shooting there was varying stuff which ended up being mass building and then leaning down, throughout the shoot it was just waking up and making sure I got an hour in [of exercise] before I went to work.”

Henry Cavill diet

Henry Cavill dieting was also not easy, even “horrible”! He has to control his energeries from 5000 to just 2500 per day which he has to cut off half of the calories.

“a horrible eating phase … where we really, really leaned down. It was exhausting.

“They didn’t force me to give anything up, they just cut my calories right down to 2,500 [a day]. And keep in mind, only a few months ago I’d been up to 5,000. So it was a big drop.”

Anyhow, Henry Cavill was satisfied with the result.

“It was hard but it paid off.”

It’s also interesting to know what Henry Cavill ate after the shooting?

 “I had an apple pie,” he said, “a tub of ice cream and a full pizza.”