January 20, 2021

How hCG Diet Plan Helps a Couple Shed 110 Pounds?

Watch the video about how hCG diet plan helps a couple shed 110 pounds?

A US overweight couple, who tried various ways of dieting and exercises and ended up in failure, happened to find the hCG diet plan in a book. They were excised and tried it right away, for 43 days, they took 500 calories a day with hCG injections, to their astonishment, this method worked. Mike lost as much as 60 pounds and his wife lost 50 pounds. In total this couple lost 110 pounds.

hCG diet plan broke the way of eating foods and opened up a whole new life for them.

I cant believe it, its amazing. — Mike talked about the result of hCG diet.

Now hCG diet still raised much controversial opinions through doctors. But on the other hand, following to the doctors’ recommendations of diets and exercises, it still not worked for many people. While hCG diet has helped so many people lose weight and kept off the extra pounds. Maybe what’s matters is not to find explanations, but to find the solid ways that helps people lose weight.