January 22, 2021

How Subconscious and Yoga Helped Me lose Weight As Much As 30 Pounds in Just 3 Months?

How subconscious and yoga helped me lose 30 pounds in just 3 months? Today I want to tell you about my true story. I have written many celebrities weight loss stories before in this blog and all those stories are to encourge any overweighted girls or boys to lose weight and offer necessary methods. Those articles recorded their diet, workout secretst etc. From those celebrities’ stories, you can see something in common and maybe that’s the core of their successful weight loss. I will explain later.

Today it’s about my own true story, it’s been about 10 years ago when I was still in Medical University, I was really hard working and didn’t notice my weight increased to much and at last I hardly find the trousers fitted, frankly I didn’t like what I was and not willing to take photos or even look into mirror . At that time I tried some ways and even went to extreme diet methods, such as eating just 1 apple each day and continues for 3 days. I lost some pounds but later bounced back very quickly.

After so many trials, I finally found ways that helped me lost 30 pounds in about 3 months. I summerized as following

1. Yoga.

I didn’t believe yoga weight loss so affective until I tried that myself. At that time I had no money to attend the yoga classes or hire the personal trainer, so I just downloaded videos, learnt some actions and did that everyday. It’s very easy for me to stick to because I always did yoga when I read an interesting book, magazine or listen to radios.

I didn’t feel much fat loosing at first, but yoga brought me good feeling and I felt my body lighted, I can calm down and feel enlightened, I began to love myself, I think that’s the start for me to lose weight, when I prepared to love myself.

About one month later, the effect was more and more obvous that I lost weights every months.

Yoga even helped me control my cravings for foods.

I think the key to lose weight from Yoga is to do that everyday with a happy mood. If you can stick to it without too much efforts, you will see the amazing effects.

If you love your shape and encourage yourself for every little success, your body will cooperate and it will work hard itself to help you lose weight. It may sound ridiculous but it’s real.

2. Subconscious or self-suggestion

Before I slept I always repeated some inspiring words, such as I will lose 20 pounds soon and dreamed the picture when I was fitted enough to buy any dresses I dreamed.

The key to use your subconsciousness is to use the words as: I will….., rather than maybe… You need to make yourself trust that. I did that before sleep because that’s what I want to tell my subconscous, a more powerful energy resource than you imaged.

3. Diet

I used to eat many kinds of fruits. I don’t like eat meat. But dieting itself didn’t help me lose weight, or simply jogging every day. I think the keys for dieting to lose weight are

  • Persuade your body not to take too much unhealthy products such as junk foods
  • Love your foods and love your body
  • Give yourself positive feedback for every success

4. Diary

I used to write diary and it also helped me a lot to build my confidence again. I noted down every little success I have made and praised myself, also noted down the next steps to further lose weight. Writing down diary helped me a lot

  • Rebuild confidence
  • Organized my whole weight loss system I have been made
  • Conclude both the right and wrong during the weight loss journey that helped me go on

There’re many other ways I have been tried or my friends tried but still in controversy. But now I foung that there maybe no right or wrong way to lose weight, anything, no matter it’s weight loss pills or weight loss diet plan, workout routine, all will 100% work if you truely believe in that, and you can give positive attitutes for every single success, then sticking to it. You will lose weight for sure.


I didn’t bounce back from then on and later I even lost more pounds gradually when I paid more attention to my diet and joined the dancing classes. Now my BMI is 19. I do believe when you formed such habbit, it would not easy to bounce back.

Ok, the above 4 points are how I have lost weight and hope it helped.

Celebrity weight loss keys

As I mentioned before, the celebrities weight loss secrets had something in common, thought through different dieting, workout plan, pills or plastic surgery. The common parts are

They love their shape, you can see most of those celebrities published their photos during workout or diet on twitter or Instagram, they are overweighted, yet they took photos of their journey, it means they didn’t reject their fat body at all, rather they love them, and much happier to find every tiny success. Even before their weight loss, you can see them so confidently wear pleated dress and posted gestures on red carpet. Do think about that.

They enjoyed their weight loss methods, and sticked to them, for example if they chose the diet plan, they didn’t concentrate on, oh, how little I ate, what if I felt hungry? Rather, they would showed of their diet with bright colors and they would concentrate on the results and believed they would definately lose weight after eating that!

On the other hand, if they chose the workout routine, they would not think, how hard it is, rather they would say, it felt excellent after the workout.

See, they always gave themselves positive self-suggestion!

Do be confident in yourself, act now to lose weight and gain a new life! You can do it!