January 16, 2021

How to Lose Weight In A Week!

Something we all want to do and we all are concerned about is being fit. Some tips to losing weight are somewhat obvious but, a lot of people don’t realize simple things. The first tip is cutting out all drinks other than water. It’s very good for you, and absolutely water has no calories in it. It’s not only helpful in losing weight, but it’s healthy and good for you. You should carry a water bottle with you, whenever you’re out and about.

make it a lifestyle change!
make it a lifestyle change!

Coffee is still OK to have, as long as you know what you’re putting in it. So the obvious no cream or sugar, a dash of skin milk or 2%, but nothing more than that. Drink Green Tea, it has properties in it that are known for losing weight. It’s also very healthy. It’s really important to get rid of all the sugar drinks, they are full of calories and are empty calories as well, they do nothing for you, except make you gain weight. The next thing that is very important in losing weight is to plan everything. Plan everything out. What you are going to eat, when you are eating, even where you will be eating. You have to plan your workouts too. What you will be doing, when, where and what time. If you plan out everything in advance, you are much more likely to stay on track. You must be aware of the calories of what you are planning on eating. You have to have an idea of what you calorie intake should be daily.

Same with workouts, if you make a schedule, know that you must stick to it, no exceptions, you must be disciplined to lose weight. If you are not, it will not work. A ‘To Do List’ may also be very helpful to stay on track with your diet and work out schedule. You cross off whatever task was accomplished, and stick to the list. A lot of this, is about getting more organized. That when things get crazy, you will have an easier time juggling things if you stick to your schedule. Once you get started with a schedule  you will love, you will structured and organized, and you will wonder how you managed without it. You will start to see great results, not just with weight loss, but with life in general. Ease yourself in, replace one meal with a fruit salad, not try to replace everything you eat all at once. Chances are, it will be way too daunting and the chances or sticking with it, are less if it is too overwhelming too fast. As you progress and get used to eating differently and healthier, it will be second nature, and a lifestyle not just a diet. That’s the key it has to be a part of your life, healthy eating and healthy living, if it is  you will see weight loss week after week, not just a lot of weight at once. You will easily be able to maintain a healthy weight if it’s a lifestyle.