January 22, 2021

Jane Fonda Breataking At 76 Credits Plastic Surgery & Healthy Living! (Before and After)

Actress and exercise guru Jane Fonda will be 77 in December. However she is stunning and looks better than many women decades younger than her. This is Fonda’s 6th decade making films with her first role in the 1960 film ‘Tall Story’. She dazzled audiences in the Lee Daniels film ‘The Butler’ in 2013 playing Nancy Reagan alongside Oprah Winfrey. Fonda calls different aging periods stages and says there are generally three stages of life, each lasts around 30 years, she says she’s in her last stage now, and she warmly embraces it. She has been very open about the plastic surgery she has had during the years, she has said she just wants to look how she feels. She said she is always active always doing something new, and she feels young because of it, but doesn’t always look young. Even with diet and exercise, sometimes age doesn’t give you a break. With good surgery you can still look good with stressing about it too much.” The Actress said as she peeked her head out.Jane Fonda Breataking At 76 Credits Plastic Surgery before and after

Jane Fonda botox injections and facial fillers

She said she turns to acclaimed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Hutcherson when she needs a nip and tuck or no bags under her eyes, she said he’s the best and has been a literal life saver for her. Two years ago Fonda was on the Diane Rehm radio show. Host Rehm recalled to Fonda that in 2005 she told the actress that she (Rehm) didn’t want to get plastic surgery because she wanted her children to watch her (Rehm) grow old. Fonda said Rehm was “non committal” regarding plastic surgery, she asked Fonda what she now decided. Fonda said “Well last  year I had plastic surgery, I’ve been very public about it. I’ve had bags removed from under my eyes and waddles taken from my chin.” She went on to explain, “I’ll tell you why I did it, I feel so good and I would walk by a store window and catch an image of myself, and I would be like on whoa whose that, it was just so shocking to see what I looked like. I don’t feel like that person in that reflection.” she explained. She she decided she wanted to look more how she felt. She said perhaps if she wasn’t an actress perhaps she wouldn’t have decided to do it. She said she quit show business for fifteen years ten of those years to be with her former husband CNN founder Ted Turner. She said she also took time off to write her memoir.

Jane Fonda Breataking At 76 Credits Plastic Surgery before and after 2

Jane Fonda botox injections and facial fillers

She said but after the break she decided to get back into show business, and she wanted to buy herself some more time. She said she’s not proud of the fact that she had to get surgery, and she admires her friend and fellow actor Vanessa Redgrave who “wants to bring the face of her aging into the culture.” Fonda said “I’m not quite that brave.” She said she grew up with the message that if you’re not perfect you won’t be loved. Fonda is the daughter of the legendary actor Henry Fonda.

Jane Fonda Breataking At 76 Credits Plastic Surgery before and after breast implants

 Jane Fonda breast implants before and after