February 28, 2021

Jason Sudeikis Weight Loss Secret: Great Workout Partner of Olivia Wilde without Going to Gym! (Before and After Photos)

Check Jason Sudeikis weight loss secrets below. Jason showes off her amazing weight loss at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards last month, compared with his photo at the ESPY Awards in 2010, it seems he lost more than 30 pounds! But maybe he seems a little older now?

Jason Sudeikis Weight Loss before and after photos

Jason Sudeikis Weight Loss Secret Great Workout Partner of Fiancé Olivia Wilde without Going to Gym!
Photos: businessinsider.com

When asked about Jason Sudeikis’ weight loss secrets, he told Elle magazine that his weight loss was not because of intense workout program, in fact he revealed his weight loss was because of his “workout partner”.

“The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill, I have the greatest workout partner in the world. And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout.”  “she’s hilarious and kind and sweet.”

That’s quite understandable, as Olivia Wilde once said his favorite exercise with his girlfriend like marathon runners, you can guess how much calories consumed for each time.

“We have sex like Kenyan marathon runners, I would say that’s accurate.”

It’s quite certain that Wilde’s light turned on again after he met Sudeikis, because before dating Sudeikis, Wilde once said “I felt like my vagina died. It just turned off. Lights out.” Now Sudekis turned on his light and it takes much energy to maintain it.

Besides his workout partner, another reason for Jason Sudeikis’ weight loss was healthy diet.

“A lot of it comes from tiny things, like not eating barbecue sauce with my pizza at two in the morning, I think it’s all a manifestation of being happy and wanting to treat myself well.”

Maybe his first way of weight loss was more meaningful to follow as I had no idea who else would eat barbecue sauce with Pizza at 2 in the morning?!