February 28, 2021

Jennifer Lawrence Weight Loss Secret: Dandelion Tea, Green Juice and More

Jennifer Lawrence’s weight loss secret is “Dandelion tea” as one of the detox diet. Dalton Wong, Jennifer Lawrence’s personal trainer told the reasons to Life & Style for “dandelion tea weight loss” as follows,

“It’s a brilliant diuretic that helps to prevent water retention and flush out toxins”

Jennifer Lawrence weight loss

Jennifer Lawrence stickes to dandelion tea, this weight loss drink each day and ahead of red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence diet regime

Besides the dandelion tea,  healthy diet is also essential. Jennifer Lawrence’s healthy diet includes the following 5 features!

  1. Eating lean meats (turkey for example)
  2. Plenty of vegetables
  3. Drinking plenty of water
  4. Breakfast protein shakes
  5. Green juice: carrot and ginger juice

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Jennifer Lawrence workout

Jennifer Lawrence’s workout regime is mainly yoga and pilates. Her trainer explained,

I concentrate on making her feel more invigorated rather than working on anything too physical.

This way not only effective for weight loss, but also improves her posture on red carpet!

We stretched out her hips and her back with yoga/Pilates moves to make her feel longer and leaner and to kick start her body. This also works on improving her posture which can go a long way on the red carpet.

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