January 28, 2021

Julianne Moore Says Redheads Have Way More Fun Than Blondes!

Actress Julianne Moore defies all rules about age. She is still breathtakingly beautiful at 53. In an age where everyone flocks to a salon for the latest hair do and color, Moore doesn’t have to. She’s a real redhead, and loves her red hair that is so identifiable to her. She has beautiful seemingly flawless porcelain skin, and seems to be getting better with age like fine wine.Julianne Moore Says Redheads Have Way More Fun Than Blondes diet weight loss workout

In a new interview with ‘NewBeauty’ Magazine, Moore gets honest about all things beauty. Moore says she had to dye her hair blond for a film role a few years back, and the results were starling to her. She said she never realized how much her red hair meant to her, until she was a blond. She said “It felt so weird, I couldn’t wait to go back to my old self and my red hair.” Moore will be seen wearing a blond wig for her upcoming role in the ‘Hunger Games.’ She said it was a lot of fun wearing a wig in that role, and she was very grateful that she didn’t have to actually dye her hair again. Julianne also talked all about her weight loss secrets, and how she says looking so young. For an appearance at the Golden Globes a few years back, she did a juice cleanse. She admitted it didn’t really have a lot of success as far as weight loss, and she thought she may have lost some brain cells along the way. She says she will never use a cleanse again.

Julianne Moore breath taking at 53!
Julianne Moore breath taking at 53!

She discussed her preferred methods of staying fit and trim. She likes quiet the actress said. She said she tried a spinning class, and really didn’t like it. She loves the quiet of Yoga and does it regularly. She  works out at home too, with interval running and she regularly lifts light weights. Moore has a 12 year old daughter Liv. The actress says she tries very hard to instill good habits in her, as far as realistic expectations for staying fit and being healthy. She believes only age, brings forth that type of wisdom. She tells her young daughter never overdo anything. “I try to tell her she can dress modestly and still look very beautiful.” She also speaks about getting older in Hollywood. She said aging is not really as scary as everything thinks it is, it happens rather gradually, and if you take care of yourself all along, it’s not the traumatic event many think it is. She also tells her daughter not to over pluck her eyebrows as so many people do. Going easy is always better she tell her, and she said she allows her to experiment with makeup, as that’s very important the actress told the magazine, but just a little never overdo it. Moore also has a son Caleb who will turn 17 in December. They are the children of her current husband, director Bart Freundlich, the pair married in August of 2003. The family live in New York City.