February 28, 2021

Kate Middleton Weight Loss Before and After: Top Kate Middleton Diet and Workout (Photos)

Kate Middleton Weight Loss: Kate Middleton was the icon of royal fashiona and the aim of girls who want to weight loss. But can you believe that Kate Middleton also tried hard to lose weight? When Kate was at the University, she was at a size of 10 to 12 but now she has been on size 6, of course this was before her pregnancy. You can see her dramatic changes.

Kate Middleton Weight Loss Before and After photos

Kate Middleton Weight Loss Before and After Top 5 Kate Middleton Diet and Workout (Photos)

Kate Middleton weight loss was due to “Kate Middleton diet” and her strict workout routine. Here are the top tips of her weight loss.

Kate Middleton diet tips

  • Dukan diet Kate Middleton was reported to follow Dukan diet to lose weight maybe influenced by her momther Carole who followed Dukan diet. Dukan diet is a high-protein low-carb diet plan that favoried by many celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman. The essence of Dukan diet was to eat lean meat and fish, fat-free foods and drink water, tea and coffee only. Kate Middleton was also reported to follow Dukan diet which was her main reason to lose weight and maintain slim.
  • Cook traditional British Kate Middleton was reported to cook traditional British meals with fresh ingredients rather than eatting Junky foods. Kate’s favorite snack is Haribo.

Kate Middleton diet recipes

Kate Middleton diet recipes are based on Dukan diet. But because pure Dukan diet was reported lack of Vitamin C and fibers, Kate Middleton Diet seems to improve the dukan diet to be more balanced and more healthy!

  • For breakfast: Oatmeal, mueseli which mixed grain oatmeal, or nuts and yogurt, sometimes wholegrain toast and drink tea. This added fiber and vitamin, ingredients to her diet.
  • Snack before lunch: handful of nuts or fruit. 
  • Lunch: Salad with lean meat. For lean meat Kate usually eats chicken, turkey or tuna.
  • Dinner: Steamed salmon or chicken with large amount of cooked vegetables and/or salad. 
  • Dessert: Dark chocolate or fruit salad and Greek yogurt. 

Kate Middleton dining out

Kate was  spotted dining out at the five-star Berkeley Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge with her friends and relatives. Kate was spotted ordering a £15 terrine of foie gras with a baguette, followed by £28 roasted sea bass with fennel and black olive sauce, and a £14 pistachio souffle with ice cream for dessert.

Kate Middleton workout

Kate Middleton loves sports and she was reported to play tennis, hockey and netball regularly at Marlborough College.

Kate Middleton workout routine to prepare for her wedding as follows,

  • Doing exercises at the posh Harbour Club in Chelsea which was also Diana’s former gym and this gym has 3 swimming pools, indoor tennis courts, beauty spa and hair salon. Kate went to the gym on a regular basis with her friend and also exercised for more than an hour.
  • Kate’s exercises focused on building strength and burn off the ­adrenaline.