February 28, 2021

Katie Holmes Weight Loss Tips 2013! (Before and After Photos)

Katie Holmes weight loss is so successful and she is at her best status as the new H. Stern jewelry spokewomen too, sexy and slim Katie Holmes is back!

“She looks refreshed and invigorated, I think we’re just starting to see the real Katie.” – insider.

The nutritional therapist Elena Michaels estimates,

“She’s lost about 20 pounds, her arms are more toned and muscular— everything’s defined.”

Katie Holmes Weight Loss after photo

katie holmes weight loss

Katie Holmes Weight Loss before photo

katie_holmes_weight loss before

Katie Holmes diet secret

Katie Holmes’ balanced diet plan is one of the keys for her weight loss. Her balanced diet includes 3 essential food groups: protein, carbs and fruits or vegetables. This diet not only offers enough energy for daily usage, but also high in fibers, vitamin and minerals as a healthy diet plan.

Katie Holmes workout routine and bikram yoga

Katie Holmes favorite exercise is Bikram yoga (105 degree temps) and she also did other exercises. 

“I love Bikram yoga, I feel like the sweat is good for me.”

Besides, she followed the workout routine 4 times a week. Splitting her time into running, spinning and Barry’s Bootcamp, revealed by her boot camp classmate.

She also visits a Korean spa on a regular basis for the relaxing saunas.

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