October 23, 2020

Kim Kardashian on Harley Pasternak’s Body Reset Plan, Lose Weight Through Liquid Diet?

It’s said Kim Kardashian is going to  try  Harley Pasternak’s body eeset plan which is a liquid diet, without any solid foods, but the liquid diet able to help her lose weight quickly in an really unhealthy way. But seems Kim Kardashian dosen’t care and she was freaking out by her 6 pounds weight gain during her pregnancy, and that’s just within a week.

Kim Kardashian fat body

Kim Kardashian fat body

“I gained six pounds in one week, even my armpits and hands are fat. I don’t know what’s happening to me.’” – Kim Kardashian

Seems Kim Kardashian is terrifed about her body shape now.

 “She’s always played up her sex appeal, so she’s terrified she won’t be able to get her body back after the baby is born.” – Kim Kardashian’s friends 

This is reasonable as her fat body was on the cover of In Touch and titled: “Kim’s New Meltdown: I’ll Never Be Sexy Again!”

It’s said Kim is so desperate to lose weight and she is doing anything she can to prevent further weight gain. A friend of her said, she had enlisted five trainers to involve into her weight loss programs.

In fact she is now focus on Harley Pasternak, this celebrity trainer’s Body Reset plan — basically Harley Pasternak’s Body Reset plan is a  “liquid diet.” (click the cover to check the discount)

But Kardashian family insider denied her on this extreme diet and said she is eating healthy for her and her baby. Harley Pasternak is also the auther of another famous book: 5 factor diet. (click the cover to find the discount)