August 4, 2020

Kylie Bisutti Weight Loss: Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Diet that Cause Serious Eating Disorders!


Do you know Kylie Bisutti Weight Loss secret that quickly  lose 2 inches off of hips for Victoria’s Secret show? Kylie Bisutti who left Victoria’s Secret last year to pursue pursue a more healthy Christian lifestyle, revealed her weight loss secret, supermodel diet and the dark side of modeling industry.

Kylie Bisutti won Victoria’s Secret model search in 2009, then her Victoria’s Secret modeling career began. But then she found the harsh reality that asked her to quickly shed more pounds and has to stick to the extreme diet according to the industry’s “damaging standards” that hard to change.

Kylie Bisuttire Victoria’s Secret supermodel diet

Kylie Bisutti, this 5-foot-10 super model was able to get down to 115 pounds,  34-24-34 thanks to an strict diet plan as follows,

  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

But the agent was not satisfied and in February 2007, Kylie Bisutti was asked to “lose 2 inches off of hips” as not to “look like a fat cow right now”, or else, she would lose chance to attend the New York Fashion Week auditions.

Kylie Bisutti extreme weight loss diet

Thus Kylie Bisutti adopted the extreme weight loss diet that ate just the following,

  • Pineapples
  • Watermelon
  • Drink liters of water

Kylie Bisutti workout

Besides extreme diet, Kylie Bisutti was also follows strict workout schedule,

  • Exercising two hours a day, six days a week

She quickly lost another 7 pounds to just 108 pounds, that finally made the agent satisfied.

Supermodel Diet Causes Serious Eating Disorders

The super model diet seems to brings more harm for health and easily to cause serious eating disorders. According to Kylie Bisutti, her roomate often throw up when she ate involuntarily and cried every night thinking she was too fat which is in fact the symptom of eating disorders that caused by anxiety and depression. Another fact is their unbalanced and restricted diet made them lack enough energy, nutrition, vitamin and minerals that easily lead to many health problems such as Anemia.

To read more about Kylie Bisutti’s super model diet, weight loss and the dark side of the modeling industry, read further about her book: I’m not Angel below!



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