January 18, 2021

Lady Gaga Weight Loss Before and After Photos and Diet Secrets!

Not long ago I wrote one article about Lady Gaga Weight Loss Before and After Photos: How Lady Gaga Lost 30 Pounds in Months and posted a “Lady Gaga Weight Loss Before and After Photo”. You can see Lady Gaga lost much weight but there’s tummy fat if you watched that more closely.

Recently for the shoot for forthcoming V magazine, Lady Gaga seems to be more slimmer than before! With clean blond short hairdo and no weird makeup covered on her face, Lady Gaga showed of her slim body with no extra fat at all!

Lady Gaga Weight Loss Before and After Photos and Diet Secrets

What’s Lady Gaga Weight Loss and diet secrets? She revealed to Us Weekly that:

I don’t eat breakfast… I drink Pellegrino, I’m a good Italian girl. I have Pellegrino with lime and a smoke. And I just lie there. Sometimes maybe green tea. I just sit there and look at everything. I get mad at the work, I get frustrated, I start getting really sweaty. I have a very emotional experience when I’m creating.

San Pellegrino Limonata is a fantastic sparkling lemon beverage made with lemon juice. It also contains water, lemon juice from concentrate, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavors and l-ascorbic acid.

This is not so healthy habbit but truly helpful for weight loss! Why? Here are the reasons:

  • Low calories
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverage contained low calories yet you will feel full after drinking it, it also contains vitamins, and good for body cleansing and better health!
  • Green tea increases metablism and burn fat effectively
  • If you drink in the morning, it will decrease the desire for foods! Drinking coffee in the morning has the similar effect. But it’s not recommend to have this diet habbit for long time!

It’s more recommended to eat a balanced diet especially for breakfast.