January 28, 2021

Low-Residue Diet and Low-Fiber Diet Recipes

Here is a complete guide of Low-Residue Diet and Low-Fiber Diet. It will tell you what is low-residue det, what are the high fiber foods, who should take low redisue diet and more. Related: how to lose weight in a week

What is Low-Residue Diet?

According to webmed, A low-residue diet is a diet that you are not allowed to take in fiber and other foods that are not easy to be absorbed. Low fiber diet is the main low-residue diet. Fiber, as one of the plant materials, it can’t be digested by human body completely.

High-fiber foods

There’re many foods rich in fiber such as

  • whole-grain breads
  • cereals
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • raw or dried fruits.

Who to take low residue diet or low fiber diet?

Low residue diet or low fiber diet are recommended to take by people who had the following diseases that cause the impairment of the digestive tract. Taking low residue and low-fiber diet can help decrease the movement of the digestive tract to protect it.

  • diverticulitis
  • ulcerative colitis
  • bowel inflammatio
  • Crohn’s disease
  • narrowing of the bowel
  • radiation therapy causes complications
  • major surgery of the digestive tract

How much fiber should be contained in a low-fiber diet?

Fiber contained in the low-fiver diet should be no more than 10 to 15 grams per day. A low-residue diet  added restrictions to a low-fiber diet.

Low-Fiber Guidelines

  • Foods to take

white bread

refined cereals

rice products.

canned or cooked fruits and vegetables

juices without pulp

tender, ground or well-cooked meats

  • Foods to avoid

whole grain flour




dried beans and peas

Low-Residue diet guideline

  • Follow low-fiber guidelines
  • Milk and milk products should be limited to no more than 2 cups per day
  • prune juice not allowed

Low-Residue Diet and Low-Fiber Diet Recipes examples

Check the following Low-Residue Diet and Low-Fiber Diet Recipes examples

example 1

residue diet

example 2

residue diet 2

Low-Residue Diet and Low-Fiber Diet  are not recommended to take for long term because the new study has been proved ‘Low-Fiber Diet Linked With Metabolic Syndrome’.