February 28, 2021

Megan Fox Amazing Slim-Down!!!

Talking about the race for the hottest post baby body!!!! I think we have a winner y’all, only two months after giving birth talented actress and model Megan Fox shows her slimmed always hot looking figure!!!

post baby megan fox

Just a few weeks after giving birth to her first child a son, named Noah Shannon Green with hubby Brian Austin Green; hot actress has already lost all that baby weight and she is showing off in public her svelte silhouette!

The 26 year old was spotted Monday Night attending a private screening of her new movie  at the Writers’ Guild Theater  and being an A-list star and a fashionable young woman of course she knows the secrets to look not only at her best showing the right parts of her body but also managing to wear an appropriate attire looking elegant and chic even if she is wearing a simple skinny jeans and T-shirt paired up with a jacket.

But, you have to wonder how did she do it? Its clear her natural beauty and her unreal flat stomach so is it in her genes? I mean after all she kept everyone guessing whether she was preggers or not showing signs of her baby bump just two months before actually giving birth!!! Every woman’s dream right!!! And just look at her now, she even comes across as relax and lets be real with that radiant mamma glow and all this after two months of sleepless nights having to stay home taking care of her new born!

This girl is really a champ! in my book! She’s been known to have follow a strict vegan diet but then realized she had lost too much weight and change to a different routine and work out plan; here some of her tips that might have helped her get back to that incredible body of hers:

-Eating five times a day

-Healthy low calorie snacks between meals

-work out three times a week

Also the rumor goes that Megan Fox uses apple cider vinegar to boost her metabolism! Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try!

You can follow her on twitter here.

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