October 22, 2020

Michelle Obama Diet and Workout Secrets!

Check Michelle Obama Diet and Workout Secrets, Michelle Obama made her decision for healthy eating when their family on the campaign trail by the following 3 ways:

I realized that my happiness is tied to how I feel about myself. I want my girls to see a mother who takes care of herself even if that means I have to get up at 4:30 so I can do a workout.

Michelle Obama Diet and Workout Secrets

  • Eating more of vegs, fruits locally grown and eliminate junk foods.
  • She was also very careful about kids’ healthy and she said

We walked the kids through reading labels (and explained to them) why one juice might be better than the other

  • Eliminate foods with artificial ingredients

She said though changing the diet for family is very hard, it did bring more energy, it really benefits the family.

I caught only one cold during the campaign, even after shaking millions of hands!

Michelle Obama workout routine

 Michelle seems to be inspired by her president husband who is a workout zealot. She revealed she did a lot of workouts in a small gym just like weights, treadmill, kickboxing and jump rope. One of her favorite exercise is Pialates.