January 25, 2021

Miss USA 2014 Diet Plan

Do you know Miss USA 2014’s diet plan? Find out Nina Sanchez’s diet plan here! Nina Sanchez is not someone to be messed with. Holding an impressive 4th degree black belt in taekwondo, this brunette beauty has been crowned the next Miss USA. It was learning self-defense that made her break out of her shell when she was young says the stunning 24-year old Miss Nevada, which made her the fierce and fit woman that she is today.Miss USA 2014 Diet Plan

“I was eight years old and had just moved to a new city with my dad and brother. I was so incredibly shy so my dad put me in taekwondo. Eventually, I fell in love with the empowerment of it, so I started teaching when I was 12 and become certified by the time I turned 15.”

When it comes promoting a lifestyle that is healthy, Sanchez definitely packs a big punch. The beauty queen was taken for a one-on-one to see what she eats at a daily basis so as to be strong form the inside out. Here are top 7 tips to follow her healthy diet plan.

1. Making juices

Making juices is what she really likes as it is healthy and easy at the same time. She says that she does apple, celery, kale, pineapple, spinach and then mixes it all together. As she loves sugar, her sweet tooth id quenched this way while also being good for her.

2. Tea

Every morning she takes green tea and chamomile tea at night plus lots of water.

3. Healthy breakfast

She says she is for certain a breakfast girl and has to eat the moment she wakes up. She loves a hearty breakfast like oatmeal, eggs and fresh fruit. She makes scrambled egg whites with seasoning salt, peppers and occasionally sprinkles bacon and cheese on top.

4. Healthy lunch and dinner

Green beans or broccoli with a kind of lean meant like turkey, tuna or chicken is what she has for lunch or dinner. Sweet potatoes or brown rice she takes for carbs. She just makes sure to always have her main food groups in there: veggies, proteins and carbs.

5. Healthy snacks

She always carries salted almond with her as she likes the extra flavor the salt gives. She says that they are good to have while on the go and since she likes making her food ahead of time, they tend to be perfect. She substitutes little tuna packets if she can’t get almonds as they are easy to take with one as well as a snack that is healthy.

Protein shakes also make another great snack for her and she loves vanilla so she throws in strawberries or bananas and nutmeg. She finds them fulfilling and yummy.

6. Making enchiladas

When she has family, friends or her boyfriend over, she likes making enchiladas. She keeps healthy by using whole-wheat tortillas rather than the regular ones and chicken. Also, she lightens up on the cheese as she loves making healthy dishes.

7. Small meals

When training for Miss USA, she used to have 5 meals a day while working out just once a day though she had to have her sweets. She said she knew that they were so terribly bad for one but still she loved raw cookie dough chunks. She has a sweet tooth that is strong and when she’s at a restaurant she doesn’t hesitate in ordering a warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on top of it.