February 25, 2021

Models Starving themselves to Stay Thin, Revealed by Ex Vogue Editor Kristie Clements

If models of today look too skinny to you and you get a feeling that they are starving themselves to look this way, you are partially right. This and other shocking facts have been revealed by none other than ex Vogue editor Kristie Clements in her book The Vogue factor. The most shocking of the revelations is the one that she has seen models eat tissues to stay thin and skinny.

66205619It has been no secret for decades now that photographers, designers and fashion events’ organizers have a preference for thin models. It is this preference that makes aspiring models and even those at the helm of their careers to eat as little as possible to stay thin, starving to expose their bones. Kristie says she has seen many models who refused lunches and snacks to remain hungry as they wanted to project themselves as skinny in their photo shoots. She says that she could not believe her ears when she heard a Russian model say that her roommate has to get drip from hospitals every few days to remain thin and skinny.

Kristie has used her new book to expose many shocking truths about models but none compares with the unglamorous fact that there are models who try to kill their hunger pangs by stuffing tissue papers inside their stomach so that they feel full and remain skinny at the same time. The book is full of stories and anecdotes about models’ bizarre eating habits and behaviors. Kristie has narrated incidents where she saw models fainting on stage and looking listless and weak as they found it hard to even walk on stage after starving for days at stretch.models

Kristie has mentioned seeing models who underwent breast reduction surgery as they failed in their attempts to reduce the size of their breasts by regular dieting efforts. In a fashion event in Marrakesh, Kristie spent time with a model who refused to have lunch for three consecutive days. Finally, on the third and last day of the event, the model had grown so weak that she could not even lift herself up.

Despite such unglamorous facts coming out about the fashion world from the book, experts feel that this is nothing new super_skinny_models-300x208and there are even some who feel that Kristie is taking revenge for her unexpected sacking from the post of the editor of the Australian Vogue magazine last year. There are others who feel that what Kristie has written is nothing new and this is a very common phenomenon in the fashion world as girls realize that they are more welcome if they are skinny as compared to when they have a full figure.

The problem of skinny models that eat less is an all pervasive one and the really bad news is the effect of all this on millions of girls around the world who watch these models and consider them as their role models. They try to emulate these models, starving themselves in the process.