August 5, 2020

Mo’Nique Weight Loss Secrets! How Mo’Nique Lost 82 Pounds? (Before and After Photos)

Mo’Nique weight loss secrets revealed! Mo’Nique, this the award winning comedian and actor lost 82 pounds. Basically Mo’Nique weight loss secrets is in her workout routine and her continueous motivation to herself! Mo’Nique’s weight loss story taught us that weight loss is not easy task and a long way to go but also priceless to bring you whole new life!

Mo’Nique Weight Loss before and after photo

Hollywood life magazine

Mo’Nique’s Weight Loss twitter

What’s Mo’Nique’s workout routine likes? Mo’Nique’s Twitter recorded her every day workout routine in detail. Such as how many steps and many sit-ups she takes and her twitter not only her weight loss journey, but also an inspring weight loss motivation for its readers!

Mo’Nique Weight Loss secrets

Mo’Nique’s weight loss routine – steps and sit-ups

Hey my loves. Got in steps and 50 sit-ups. Go to bed with a smile on your face, and see how you wake up. Love yall.

Doing press

Hey my loves. Doing press right now in Denver. I will be putting in my workout in a few hours. Will try to do at least 5 miles. Love yall

Mo’Nique’s new challenge

New challenge. 50 sit-ups every night for 30 days.

Mo’Nique recommended to get a pedometer

Try to get a pedometor, 10,000 steps a day.”


Mo’Nique Weight Loss diet secret

1 glass of juice per day the rest all water.

Weight loss in long term effect but pricesless

We can always get a quick fix. However what will be the long term effects. Do it naturally, benefits…PRICELESS.

You can find more of Mo’Nique’s inspring weight loss quotes and her workout routine here in her twitter:

Just see the Mo’Nique Weight Loss workout photos!

Photo: twitter