February 28, 2021

‘Papa Joe’ Aviance Weight Loss Secret: 250 Pounds Weight Loss on 99 Cent Store Diet (Before and After Photos)

‘Papa Joe’ Aviance revealed his Weight Loss Secret to ABC news. ‘Papa Joe’ Aviance lost 250 pounds with just 99 cent store foods! Check out how!

‘Papa Joe’ Aviance Weight Loss before and after photos

‘Papa Joe’ Aviance Weight Loss before and after photos

‘Papa Joe’ Aviance, 42 years old, is a successful clothing designer, musician and CEO of LA-based production company. No matter how successful of his career, he weighted 450-pounds in 2009 and his weight troubled him very much. His weight loss motivation was when he saw himself in the 2009 music video and then he made up him mind to end this immediately! (So it’s very important to look into the mirror to give you the strongest weight loss motivation!)

“I said, ‘You know what?’ I’ve got to end this now … I almost had a nervous breakdown. I went to the fridge and threw everything  in the trash can. Cookies, candy, cakes, all the sugary items, everything.”

Aviance weight loss tips including five miles a day walking and purchasing healthy foods from the 99 cent store, it proved very useful that in just 1 and half years, Aviance lost 250 pounds from 450 to 200 pounds! That is unbelievable number in such short time!

Aviance didn’t want to just stay here. In fact he is planning to lose 10 pounds more and very confident about this! His other plan was to motivate everyone to get their desired weight.

“I want to unlock this person inside of everybody to be the best they can be, and just let it shine,” he said.

“Papa Joe” weight loss diet and recipes

“Papa Joe” weight loss food recipes: Purchased from 99 cent store in Los Angeles for below than $20! And he named it “99 cent-only stores shopping”

99 cent-only stores shopping at the HCWB – Healthy choices within a budget – “Papa Joe”

He also talked about how to cut off fats from the discount foods he purchased. The key is to choose the right foods!

“I start my day with eggs, carrots and this 49-cent yogurt,” he said. “I got my 2 percent milk, and I’m still less than $20.”

Papa Joe’s affordable weight loss was up thumbed by trainer Harley Pasternak

“I love what he’s done so far, and I think it’s a great example for people … Cost is not a roadblock or an impediment to eating well and losing weight.”