February 26, 2021

Real Housewives Kyle Richards Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers!

What’s Kyle Richards’ weight loss secret? Weight watchers! Kyle Richards, 44 years old now, is another celebrity joined in the weight waters to shed weight because it works for her friends and her mother also joined the weight watcher program, one of the best weight loss programs.
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Losing weight for Kyle Richards is not so easy as she told lifeandstyle magazine,
“It’s not easy for me because I’m petite and have a curvy body, I’m small with big boobs and kind of a big butt, so every pound makes a big difference. I have to really watch what I eat. That has been my battle always.”

Why Kyle Richards chose weight watcher program?

Finally Kyle Richards chose the weight watcher program because this is “easy to follow”

“It’s easy to follow. It’s been good,” she says. “I just bought all the food and stocked up so I don’t have to worry about a meal. I like the food!”

That’s not all the 44-year-old brunette beauty is doing to get fit — she also detailed her workout routine.

Kyle Richards workout routine

Kyle has been on workout routine for quite a long time now and they works!

“I’ve been doing a good job sticking to circuit training three days a week and power yoga two days a week — I see a difference!”

But it’s not enough because for a better shape of body, you need a combination of diet and workout routine in a most appropriate way. That’s why she chose another weight loss program.

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