February 26, 2021

Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips, Before and After Photos!

Sherri Shepherd weight loss is very popular now. Sherri Shepherd, this 46 year old actress and View co-host successfully lost 46 pounds within short time and now she seems so slim and gorgous! Just check the “Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss before and after photos” below!

Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss before and after photos

Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips, Before and After Photos!

Sherri Shepherd revealed her weight loss, diet and workout tips to People magazine recently, just read further.

Sherri Shepherd weight loss motivation

Sherri Shepherd said she determined to lose weight about 2 years ago.

“It was about two years ago, before I got married,” “I was 197 pounds, sitting on my couch, eating pizza and watching infomercials. I am an infomercial whore – I’ll watch any of them! But anyway, this infomercial for Zumba showed up and I couldn’t get to my credit card fast enough! I knew it was time.”

Her other weight loss motivation is her energetic son Jeffery. It’s too tired to take care of her son and take him everywhere. So Sherri decided to lose weight to increase her energy level.

“I have a very energetic son,” “And I would take him to the park and sit on the bench while he played. And I was the mom who would be yelling at him from the benches because I was just too tired to move.”

To look good for her wedding and to wear her dreamed ‘Oprah clothes’ give her more weight loss motivation for Sherri,

“You know I wanted to look good for my wedding,” “I have a closetful of clothes of all different sizes. And I have some that I call my ‘Oprah clothes.’ Remember when she came out onstage dragging a wagon-full of fat? I have a fantasy of doing the same thing!”

To lose weight, Sherri Shepherd realized that she needs to change her diet and workout routine to something that effectively help her lose weight and easy to stick to. So what Sherri did was as following,

Shepherd changed her diet

Sherri Shepherd now eats a more healthy and clean diet. She used to eat pizza and infomercial binges and now she didn’t eat that, rather she would eat more healthy diet.

But what helped her lose so much weight is the zumba classes!

Zumba classes

Sherri Shepherd takes zumba classes three times a week. Now the zumba classes bacame her favorite exercise that Sherri even became the keynote speaker at the annual Zumba convention in Orlando. In fact it’s not easy for Sherri Shepherd to start but she kept on and it brought dramatic changes.

“I figured, it’s just dancing. I’ve been on Dancing with The Stars! But after a few minutes, I thought my heart was going to give out.”

Sherri Shepherd’s weight loss results

Sherri Shepherd now is very proud of her weight loss and the other changes! And she also fully prepared for her new season of The View!

 “I was 197 pounds, and now I weigh 151,” “But besides that, I notice the loss of inches. I can wear my Oprah Clothes! They fit!”

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