January 22, 2021

Simple 4 Steps to Living Alkaline with Alkaline Diet

Want to start a alkaline diet? Read the following 4 simple steps to living alkaline!Simple 4 Steps to Living Alkaline 2 Hydration Research reveals that about 90 percent of the population is chronically dehydrated. This has resulted to a great impact on how this people live therefor compromising their quality of life. It’s disturbing how people just ignore to drink water. It must be very crappy to get through the day without taking water! Body hydration will greatly make a positive impact on your health in terms of your immunity and vitality. The level of healthiness in your body is really contributed by the amount and the quality of the water that you take. You can filter your water and ensure it is alkaline with a PH of about 8 to 9.5. Here are some water hydration tips you should follow to ensure a water healthy lifestyle.

  • Drink at least 6 to 18 cups of clean water daily. The recommended methodology to follow is to take water that is half your body weight in ounces.
  • Occasionally take some lemon water. These can be prepared by mixing 2 cups of clean lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. A quarter lemon is always enough. This formula helps the body to cleanse the digestive system, buffer excess acids and ignite the metabolism. Well,you are right. Lemons are acidic in their natural form. However, lemon water is alkaline once consumed into the body.
  • Regularly take a meal of peppermint, nettle and rooibos.

Alkaline diet This time simply shift to green. An alkaline diet needs alkaline meals too! There is always confusion on which foods are alkaline and which are not. Here are some simple rules that justify most of the common foods;Simple 4 Steps to Living Alkaline

  • Many alkaline foods are familiar and easily accessible to you. Foods like leafy greens, low sugar fruits seeds, healthy nuts, salads, fresh vegetables, and unrefined organic high watered foods.
  • Acidic foods on the other hand are not good for your health. Foods which are refined like fats, dairy, caffeine, white bread, pasta and rice. Junk foods too are in this list. Some examples are chocolate, chips, icecream and condiments.
  • Work with an 80 to 20 ratio where you take about 80 percent of alkaline foods and only 20 percent of acidic foods.
  • If possible, you can minimize the acidic food ratio. Don’t try to be a food geek though. It may be impossible to go 100% alkaline immediately. You will fail terribly. Just go slow on this.
  • However, the alkaline meal is very easy to adapt and keep up with. Take your time to get used to it though. Persons who get overexcited and rush to the diet miss the chance to understand or learn the foods that are best suitable for them. This leads to frustration and feeling restricted.
  • It is always advisable to give it time. Trying out in the long term might be much more effective than in the short run.

Oxygen Breathing exercises might look like a joke or a game but tell you what! It might be the exercise that you may be lacking. Doing breathing exercises at least once a day helps your body to remove acids. Moreover it helps you to visualize and have a relaxed feeling. It is necessary in alkalizing the body. Here is an outline of how you do the breathing exercises.

  • Sit in a relaxed position closing your eyes and follow this pattern.
  • Count to two and breathe in.
  • Hold the breath to count of eight
  • Breathe out to a count of four
  • Repeat the process ten times.

Supplements This can prove to be confusing for some beginners. This is because there are a lot of supplement types out there some claiming to be more effective than other. I will be specific here. These are the supplements I can recommend.

  • Green powder; This is a combination of powdered grasses, fruits, vegetables and sprouts with a focus on wheatgrass and barley grass.
  • Alkaline water: You can make your own alkaline water at home! This can be done by simply adding PH drops lemon or water ionizers.
  • Alkaline minerals: Alkaline minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium assists the body to reduce and buffer out acids in the body.
  • Omega oils: Omega 3 supplements or the omega oil blend are really good choices to take in the body. You can take Omega 6, 3 and 9. They are quite effective.

Take your time as you try to adapt the 80; 20 formula. For effectiveness without much strain, go slow on it. Rushing to immediate results will not only frustrate you but will also restrict your fun and time to understand what works best for you.