February 28, 2021

Slimming Inspiration: 10 ways to stay motivated to lose weight!

Hello ladies! Trying to lose weight?? To look your best?? To slim down a few inches?? To tone up? Or perhaps just to feel healthy?? I’ve heard many people lose weight for health reasons and I’m sure you’ve heard it as well but let’s face it, in the world we live in being thin is a must! and for many reasons.


I mean people even get hire for looking pretty and I’m not talking about celebs who need to look a certain way…but regular people like you and me. So we conclude that being pretty is only and extension of guess what! Yup being as thin as they come!

Is it true that when you lose weight you look and feel great?? Well of course you feel like you can conquer the world! Right! So if being thin makes you feel better and makes you do great things…Question is how to stay like this? Is hard to slim down and change your metabolism at any age but remember it is possible.

Let’s say you are a busy mom and on top of that you work a full time job! Well first of all congrats I know is not easy…But let me give you a little peace of advice ..like anything in life if you want to achieve something you need a little something called inspiration. Now that little word can take you places believe me!

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m all about doing it the healthy way but whether you go for diets, cutting carbs, weight lifting, maybe you are a runner, or you are into boxing, you workout with a ball, or you know every exercise there is for each and every single part in the body, or you like to dance to sweat away, or you do cardio exercises; bottom line is to lose those hideous lb’s and get into shape you need inspiration! Otherwise you won’t do it! So what ticks your clock? What are some of the things that get you well in the mood of a fitness goddess?

Here 10 tips you can try to achieve your ultimate goal:

1. Think wellness not weight loss

2. Wear red to get going.

3. Have an accountability partner.

4. Each day write about how losing weight is making you feel healthier and happier.

5. Schedule all your workouts at least one month ahead of time.

6. Get a theme song.

7. Create a vision of your final result.

8. Use stylish workout gear.

9. Try tipping your scales with blue. Did you know color blue is a known appetite suppressant.

10. Use your social network. Sometimes you can get the support you need and might even be the inspiration of others!