February 26, 2021

Sofia Vergara, the Cancer Survivor’s Diet and Workout Tips!

Sofia Vergara, the famous Emmy-nominated actress and celebrity of  “Modern Family.” is also a cancer survivor. She had thyroid cancer diagnosed at 28 years old, then she had her thyroid removed and underwent radioactive iodine therapy, no matter how hard times she has been going through, Sofia Vergara is still the mixture of latin beauty, humor, and an attractive shape. Recently she revealed to nytimes of her diet and workout secrets to keep slim at her 40th!

Sofia Vergara, the Cancer Survivor’s Diet and Workout Tips 2

Sofia Vergara checked at a doctor’s office and asked her fans to follow for skin cancer prevention, Instagram

I think it’s (workout) important to accept that it’s part of modern life – that it’s been proven that it helps you with everything. It’s going to improve the way you look, the way you feel, the way you age, everything. If there are women out there like me who don’t love it, you have to make a conscious decision to do it if you want to age well and live longer.

Sofia Vergara followed the workout plan and she did work out for more than 3 times a day, if she can’t work out, she would choose pilates or spinning.

I have a trainer, and I train with him when I’m in L.A. But I don’t really like to get obsessed with it. I do it when I can. Sometimes I work out with my trainer, or I do spinning or Pilates.

Sofia Vergara confessed doing workout is not the “fun time” for her, rather, she tortured to do exercises but she insisted on.

For me it’s punishment. It’s not like, “Oh, let me relax and go to the gym.” It’s not my “me time” or my fun time. No. It’s my torture time. So of course I try to avoid it or make excuses every time. But I do try to do it at least three times a week if I’m not shooting. I wish I loved it. Believe me, I wish.

Sofia Vergara adopted a moderate way of eating but she tried to get healthy such as fish and vegetables.
I love healthy eating. I love fish, I love eating vegetables, and I love salads. But I also love desserts. So I try to eat everything but in moderation.

She likes to eat out for dinner at different restaurants. To do that and not gain weight, Sofia Vergara tried to eat healthy during the day.

I try to eat healthy during the day so that when I go to dinner I can kind of eat whatever I want. I don’t go too crazy during the week. But on the weekends, I completely order whatever I want. I especially love sushi and I love Middle Eastern food.

She also said working out for women makes a difference.
When I was in Colombia, there wasn’t a culture of working out for women. I don’t remember any woman in my family ever going to the gym. So I started late when I movd to the United States, and I think it does make a difference. You see it in women my age who work out and in women who don’t work out. You see the difference physically.