February 26, 2021

Supermodel Diet: Top 4 Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima’s Diet and Workout Tips!

Want to follow supermodel diet? Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima, 31 year old supermodel, a 5-foot-10 Brazilian bombshell is nailed for the amazing slim shape and her husband is the pro basketball player Marko Jarić.

Lima revealed to yahoo about her diet and workout secret, saying having healthy eating important for thick hair and glowing skin. Here are 4 tips! It seems the supermodel diet can also be healthy.

Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima's Diet tips

Tip 1 Do jumping rope, carry the rope in your bag and do everywhere

Adriana Lima’s fond of intense exercises to sweat. Jumping rope is one of her favorites because you can carry it everywhere instead of going to the gym. Adriana Lima did rope jumping in an intense way.

“The minimum time for jumping rope is 10 minutes and it equals 35 minutes of running! Sometimes I do an hour jumping rope, and you can easily burn 1,000 calories per session.”

Tip 2 Blackberries and blueberries as healthy snacks

Adriana Lima’s diet secret is to eat green vegetables, raw or steam for breakfast and lunch. She doesn’t always take snakes. But she recommended some healthy snack choices if you really want that.

“If you like to snack, I suggest blackberries and blueberries. You can eat them all day. Just carry them with you, and they actually help you burn your fat cells, so you can eat them as much as you want.”

She also said eating healthy important for thick long hair, nails and glowing skin.

“Everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside,” she says. “You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails.

Tip 3 Take flax seed oil or a flax seed pill for long shiny hair

She recommended to take flax seed pills or flax seed oil to make your hair shinny and grow quickly.

If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flax seed oil or a flax seed pill. It’s great! It will make your hair super-shiny and it’s going to grow fast.


Tip 4 Brazilian blow dry for healthy hair

Adriana takes good care of her hair by not over-cleaning or blow dry it. She recommended girls with try hair just wash too often and using oils would help the hair healthier.

“What made my hair very healthy is the Brazilian blow dry. It’s unbelievable, I can’t live without it! I do it every two months and it makes my hair super-shiny, plus it adds great movement and body to your hair. I love it.”