January 16, 2021

The Cabbage Soup Diet: 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes Help You Lose 10 Pounds!

Want to know how 7 day “The Cabbage Soup Diet” help one lose 10 pounds in a week? A fad diet is usually what the cabbage soup diet is considered. One is required to eat large amounts of cabbage soup for a week, just as the name suggests. Within that duration, according to a set schedule, one can also consume certain vegetables and fruits, chicken, beef as well as brown rice.The Cabbage Soup Diet 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes Help You Lose 10 Pounds!

What is cabbage soup diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes Help You Lose 10 Pounds pros and cons 2 The Cabbage Soup Diet a good way to lose a few ponds quickly, say the proponents of the cabbage soup diet. As it drastically limits calories, one may lose weight on the diet. Though, it may not be fat that one loses on the diet. Since it’s quite hard to burn fat calories in such a short time, it might be lean tissue or water weight that is lost.

The cabbage soup diet is low in protein, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and minerals, so one shouldn’t, at a time, stay on it for more than a week.

There are other disadvantages of the cabbage soup diet. The diet can be high in sodium, depending on the recipe for the cabbage soup. One can also become more prone to flatulence by consuming large amounts of cabbage. One feels weak and tired on the diet because they’re not getting proper nutrition. And once one stops the diet, any weight that they might’ve lost can easily be regained. Such fad diets might seem tempting, but one should keep in mind that making healthy changes in ones eating and exercising habits is essentially what long-term weight loss depends on.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: pros and cons compared with the other diet plans

The Cabbage Soup Diet 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes Help You Lose 10 Pounds pros and cons

The following is a brief overview of the 7 day Cabbage Soup Diet plan

Day 1: One has to eat only fruits on this day, leaving out bananas, along with as much of the diet cabbage soup that they would like. Some people like baked cinnamon apples for breakfast, a big fruit salad plus the cabbage soup for lunch, wile for dinner they prefer a melon salad along with the cabbage soup. Throughout the day, they tend to snack on fruit, like grapes, watermelon and frozen berries.

Day 2: Besides corn or any other starchy veggies, one has to eat only vegetables, though they can start the day with a baked potato. Some even add a bit of salt and butter,( which is considered cheating), on the potato with some tomatoes and broccoli. Cabbage soup and salad sprinkled with pepper, salt and some olive oil is what is usually taken for lunch. And for dinner, a stir fry with mashed cauliflower.

Day 3: One has to eat fruits AND veggies (leaving out corn, bananas and other starchy veggies) One can simply repeat day one and two for the foods.

Day 4: One just has to eat bananas with either milk or yoghurt on this day. This is considered the dumbest day of the diet. People tend to have the bananas with either rice milk or almond milk, plus the yoghurt and the cabbage soup.

Day 5: On this day, one has to consume only six to eight tomatoes, along with protein like fish, chicken or turkey. Some folks like the cabbage soup for breakfast, with added extra tomatoes, grilled chicken which is topped with tomatoes that are seasoned with basil, salt and pepper for lunch, and for dinner, they like more of the cabbage soup with ground and seasoned turkey.

Day 6: Unlike the day before, this day is about veggies and protein, with tomatoes not being the only vegetable that one can eat. Salads, seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and spices can be taken for breakfast and for lunch one can have a chicken stir fry with spices and veggies. For dinner, spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and ground turkey is ideal, though spaghetti pasta is again off limits.

Day 7 Juices, fruits and veggies only on this day. Since it’s the last day, one can already see the results and start feeling lighter and clean inside, though they’ll feel really hungry. After 7 days one can easily see that they’re down 8-10 lbs!

Other Cabbage Soup Diet recipes: (click to see the larger version)

cabbage-soup recipes diet recipes The Cabbage Soup Diet 2 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes Help You Lose 10 Pounds!How to cook Cabbage Soup Diet?

How to prepare and cook cabbage soup diet? Read the pdf here: CabbageSoupDiet recipes and how to cook (Free pdf download)