January 20, 2021

Top 3 Katy Perry Diet Tips For Vogue Cover Shoot (Photos, Video)

Read about the top 3 Katy Perry diet ips for Vogue cover shoot. Katy Perry revealed to Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” on the details of how she prepared for July Vogue cover shoot. She talked about 3 diet tips.

Top 3 Katy Perry Diet Tips For Vogue Cover Shoot (Photos, Video)

Die tip 1: Taking vitamins and supplements

Katy Perry revealed she took vitamins and supplements.

“I did a lot of my own prepping. I kind of went on a cleanse… I did a lot of stuff like vitamins and supplements,

Diet tip 2: Changed coffee to green tea,

Though we can’t see her diet tip 1 healthy or not, her second diet tip is very healthy. Coffee and tea are both great drinks to increase metabolism, but it has been proved clinically that drinking too much coffee would lead to higher risk of heart disease.

I changed my coffee to green tea,

Diet 3: No alcohol

Alcohol has been known as linked to aging of skin.

I didn’t drink any alcohol for three months. So I was really in the zone and just really wanted to be glowing for that cover.”

Plus, Katy Perry’s  1 and half hours beauty routine
“I’m a product whore,” she said. “I have a [beauty] regimen that spans an hour and a half, and nothing goes out of order.” She chuckles and admits that’s hard to do “if you’re sleeping over at a new boyfriend’s house.”

Katy Perry The Tonight Show with Jay Leno