February 28, 2021

Top 4 Steve Noviello Weight Loss Diet Secrets and How to Save Money! (Before and After Photos)

Steve Noviello’s recent weight loss has really shocked FOX 4 viewers, how Steve Noviello managed to lose so much weight in short time? Steve Noviello’s weight loss diet was designed by Miguel Martinez, a bodybuilder coach and BodyBuilding & Fitness pro athlete. He revealed the top 4 Steve Noviello weight loss and diet secrets and how to reach it within the budget!

Look at Steve Noviello’s before and after photos below!

Top Steve Noviello Weight Loss Secrets (Before and After Photos)

Miguel Martinez suggested the following tips on how to lose weight within the budget

1. Planning ahead and control the budget

“My best piece of advice would be planning ahead,”

A sure sign for success is $100 dollars budget, 26 meals and a full fridge.

2. Eating small meals for every 2 -3 hours

Miguel Martinez suggested to take small meals for every 2 to 3 hours to increase high metabolism.

3. Packed with high quality protein in menu

  • Miguel Martinez recommended to eat high quality protein low in fat.

Tilapia is a really good fish – high in protein and low in fat

You can also save a lot of money purchasing Tilapia because it’s very cheap.

  • Egg whites

Egg whites are high quality protein resource and you can buy in bulk to save money!

  • Lean red meat

Lean red meat is great protein resource low in fat to help build muscle. High quality red meat such as ground buffalo is delicious and only contains fat as low as 4%.

To save money Noviello usually buys a week’s worth of meals for about $100, which means less than $4 a meal.

There’re also some tricks when planning for meals, for example here are the steps Steve Noviello follows to save time

  • preheating a pan and prep oatmeal then put in the microwave
  • Cook your meat and heat the grill as well
  • When meat starts to cook, potatoes can get prepped and water can set to boil

4. healthy carbes

He also recommended to eat healthy carbs to pair with healthy protein every day. By healthy carbes, he means foods like sweet potatoes and oatmeal, and green carbs, like broccoli and spinach, asparagus.

You can follow Noviello’s daily meal plan

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