January 18, 2021

Top 5 High Cholesterol Diets: Eat to Lower Cholesterol Level!

Being diagnosed with high levels of bad cholesterol is no fun as it increases the risk of catching a heart disease. However, there is no need to remain petrified as you can take help of a high cholesterol diet to reduce your cholesterol levels. One sixth of the adult population is grappling with the problem of increased levels of cholesterol. Thankfully, there are foods that help in lowering bad cholesterol levels though one also needs to control his weight and avoid foods that are labeled as cholesterol rich foods. In addition, there are also high cholesterol diets that have become popular for their ability to lower bad cholesterol levels.1011480.large


Portfolio diet

As the name implies, this is a special diet that recommends including at least 4 foods in your daily diet that are known for their ability to fight bad choo9lesterol in your body. In fact, there are many who feel that this is not a diet per se but an investment in your health as it means lowering bad cholesterol levels on a long term basis. David J A Jenkins is believed to be the creator of Portfolio diet. This diet replaces meats with soy based products. This also includes soy milk in place of dairy products. Portfolio diet is one of the top diets to lower cholesterol level and it recommends adding handful of almonds in your daily diet.


Supplementing diet with Cardioviva

Cardioviva is a new probiotic supplement that helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels by as much as 11% on its own if added to your diet twice daily. The studies that have been conducted on this supplement so far have been encouraging and hold a ray of hope for all those fighting high levels of cholesterol in their bodies.


Herbs to help in lowering of bad cholesterol levels

There are many herbs having the capability of de-clogging your blood arteries surrounding the heart. A diet that fotolia_6856657_XSincludes some of these herbs is certainly helpful in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Garlic is one herb that produces good cholesterol while at the same time lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Red yeast rice used by Chinese since time immemorial is another natural product that helps in reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol. Other important herbs are Alfaalfa and Hawthorn Berry.


Fish oil

The addition of fish oil to your diet can do wonders to your high cholesterol levels. Fatty acids in fish oil are known to lower triglyceride levels that help in lowering cholesterol levels. It also enables HDL cholesterol in your body to drive away quite a bit of LDL cholesterol.


Mayo Clinic diet for fighting cholesterol

According to mayo clinic, a few tweaks to your diet is all that it takes to lower your bad cholesterol levels. It suggests including oatmeal in your diet along with along with fish. While oatmeal supplies soluble fiber to lower LDL cholesterol, at least 2 servings of fish in a week provides sufficient quantities of omega 3 fatty acids to your body.