January 25, 2021

Top 6 Hollywood Celebrity Diets That Truly Work!

Ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities manage to stay so lean or snap back into shape so quickly? When you see photos of Kim Kardashian’s slim silhouette or Jessica Alba’s flat tummy, you may probably wonder how things just fall into place. Many of the stars however swear their svelte bods come from eating right and exercising around the clock. But the truth is; some celebs may go to very strange and interesting lengths to get slim or stay pin thin.However, not all work outs are healthy. Here are some secrets on what exactly the big names do to get to the red carpet ready to the Hollywood celebrity diets you can copy and follow.Top 6 Hollywood Celebrity Diet Tips That Truly Work!

1. The Cleanse

Beyonce has admitted to shedding off at least 20 pounds on using the Master Cleanse. Master Cleanse involves 10 days of just taking an elixir of maple syrup, water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. There has been a lot of speculations about this type of weight loss technique in Hollywood. The lemon in the formula helps to reduce bloat since it provides potassium. Metabolism is boosted by the vitamin B while the maple syrup provides energy necessary to get through the formula.

2. Cutting out white foods

Teddy Bass, a renowned trainer who attends to celebrities like Cameron Diaz, advices his clients to avoid white bread, cookies and pasta. He argues that when trying to lose the fat for any event, such foods should be avoided since they are rich in sugar. This makes the body burn the sugar first hence retaining the fat.

3. Being choosy about veggies

Gas producing foods like cauli-flower and broccoli should be avoided before any event according to some Los Angeles nutritionists and trainers. Nutritionist Carrie watt prefers use of watery. He goes ahead to highlight some of the fruits like lettuce, melon, oranges, and grapes. These veggies assist the body to reduce bloat from the body system Nutritionist Jackie Kellera advices her clients to eat high amounts of asparagus and green beans. This has worked to people like Charlize Theron. This, she claims is high in fiber.

4. Eat spicy

By using red pepper and chopped jalapenos, trainer David Kirsch boasts of keeping his clients in great shape like Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler. She also advices the formula since it makes the food more tasty and turns down hunger. Therefore making you eat less than expected..

5. Low calorie snacks

Valerie Waters advices her clients to tote at least 150 calorie snacks wherever they go. She advices her clients, like Jennifer Garner and Elizabeth Berkley,on snacks like low fat cheese, Apple slices, crackers with a layer of chicken salad, grapes and rolled up turkey. Eating is necessary after every three or four hours to keep your blood sugar in a good level.

6. Eating organic

Everyone is getting cautious about eating organic. The hormones in the organic foods like dairy, red and white meat allegedly raises estrogen levels making your body hold more fat in the body. According to nutritionist Wiatt; Organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides that inhibit hormonal activities in the body leading to increase in fat in the body. According to Kirsch, a popular nutritionist, packaged foods is filled with salt and preservatives which as a result cause addition of fat in the body. Many celebrity trainers advice their clients to eat simple foods; For instance, have just chicken sautéed and some lemon juice just to add some flavor is a great meal