October 22, 2020

Top 8 Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss Tips: 1,200 Calorie Diet and More! (Before and after photos)

Trisha Yearwood, this country crooner recently lost 30 pounds after given birth to her child. Just look at Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss before and after photos below, she looks so slim without extra fat! Trisha Yearwood revealed to Examiner about her weight loss tips as following. Her weight loss tips include her 1200 calorie diet and her workout tips  which helped her to go from a size 14 to a size 10.

Top 8 Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss Tips 1,200 Calorie Diet and More! (Before and after photos)

Tip 1. 1,200 calories diet

Successful weight loss requires decreasing in calories. Trisha Yearwood opted for the 1200 calorie diet because this is a much healthy diet than others.

“This is not some crazy fad diet. It’s a lifelong change,” Trisha told People magazine. “I’m proud of myself. I’m really happy where I am.”

Tip 2. Double up on her workout routine

Tip 3. Zumba program

Zumba program changed her clothes size to size 10 from size 14.

“I haven’t been a size 10 since the fifth-grade,”

Tip 4. Circuit training and Pilates

Circuit training and Pilates helped Trisha recover her ideal weight soon after giving birth.

I’d been doing circuit training and Pilates for years

Tip 5. Listen to your cravings.

Trisha revealed that she was not a person on strict discipline. But she always listens to her cravings which is very helpful for weight loss in the long term and making the weight loss process not that hard.

If you’re craving something sweet, indulge yourself with a small bite of something satisfying.

Tip 6. Set small goals.

Although Trisha lost 30 pounds finally, in fact she didn’t set 30 pounds as her aim. She just started to do weight loss step by step.

Tip 7. Don’t give up

Never give up. Just say it to yourself everyday.

Tip 8. Swap foods

Add some fun by swapping foods gradually s Trisha’s another weight loss tip