January 28, 2021

UK Men’s Fitness Joe Warner’s Amazing Six Pack in 12-Days Workout

This Fitness news comes straight from the UK where Men’s Fitness author went from flabby to hunk in 3 months. Joe Warne gained 10kg of strength and 8kg of overweight have gone astray. Joe, 31-year-old, still ate his preferred foods in self-control and drank a goblet of red wine at weekends.

UK Men's Fitness Joe Warne's Amazing Six Pack in 12-Days Workout

It seems you don’t need to waste hours throbbing the streets or even quit on your much loved foods.

Joe Warner, the assistant editor of Men’s Fitness, the UK’s best-selling health standard of living magazine, went from flaccid, out of condition man to a cover sculpt celebrity. The guy got a great ribbed six-pack! He discloses the recipe to get a great physique in just 3 months.

Warner adds:

I spent most of my 20s doing a lot of running but no matter for how far or how long I ran I would always have a bit of a belly and never any muscles on my chest, shoulders or arms.

After turning 30 I decided to see whether I could get into the best shape I have ever been in.

I deal with a lot of fitness models for my job but always thought I would never be able to get a physique like theirs.

I believed I just didn’t have the right genetics or enough time to make it happen. But it turns out that there is no legitimate reason for not making huge changes to the way you look without a T-shirt on.

If I can do it, anyone can. I’m an average guy with a busy, deadline-driven desk job so finding the time to train is always difficult, but the regime I followed proves that you don’t need to spend hour after hour exercising to dramatically transform the way you look, even in a relatively short period of time.

Nick Mitchell, the creator of Ultimate Performance, which has two private working out gyms in London, who planned Joe’s exercise routine says:

When Joe came to me he had a ‘skinny fat’ physique, which is when you have very little muscle mass on your torso but a large amount of fat stored around the stomach.

It’s a body shape I’m seeing increasingly among UK men and one that can lead to a lot of long-term health issues, especially diabetes.

But Joe and I have proved that an effective training regime, which doesn’t require hours of boring exercise, coupled with smart eating can radically reduce body-fat levels while also packing on significant amounts of lean muscle for a better, and ultimately healthier, body.


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Joe’s works out sessions were on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch, and on Saturday mornings.

Joe says:

Instead of working through lunch with a sandwich at my desk I got out of the office, trained, worked off some steam them came back to my job more energized and focused.

I found my productivity soared once I started training. Even if you have a very busy, very stressful job finding just four hours per week to train will not only have huge benefits to your physique, it will also help you combat stress levels and allow you to work more effectively and efficiently.

I booked my training sessions into my diary just like I would any other meeting. It sounds silly but it makes them feel more important so you’re less likely to cancel them.

I started seeing major changes after the first week and after a fortnight by body-fat percentage had tumbled from nearly 17 per cent to 12.8 per cent, with nearly all of the fat falling off my stomach,

I was also adding lean muscle mass to my chest, shoulders and arms, so being wider on my torso but narrower at my waist made me look radically different relatively quicker.

Nick adds:

The key to getting rapid results is to work out intensively for a short amount of time, then give your body time to recover fully before training again.

Training for too long in one go is counter-productive to getting a better body: it places too much stress on your body, which actually eats away at your muscles and encourages the storage of fat.

It’s also important to frequently change the exercises you do, and how many sets and reps of each you do so that your body is always out of its comfort zone so must keeping burning fat and building muscle so it’s ready for anything.

Joe’s cut down on the old diet and instead eats abundance of lean red meat and white meat, fish, fresh vegetables, eggs and slow-release carbs, such as sweet potatoes.

Joe recalls:

The diet I followed was simple but effective so I was never hungry.

You do need to be organized so that you are never tempted by a quick sandwich and crisps at lunch, but I found that I was actually enjoying my food more on the diet than before, mainly because steak, vegetables and sweet potato mash is far more delicious than a pre-packed sarnie or ready meal.

And when you are training hard you want to feed your body the right food to keep your muscles growing and your belly shrinking.

I could even have a glass of red wine at the weekends, so never felt as though I was sacrificing anything.

At first it was hard to go out and not being able to drink or order anything I wanted off the menu.

But most restaurants will serve steak, chicken or fish and happily give you as many vegetables as you want.

It didn’t take long before I stopped craving for sugary foods and snacks because I could see that my training and diet regime were really working.

Nick says:

Joe has proved that training hard and eating healthily is all you need to do to transform your body into one that can grace the cover of a magazine.

A smart training plan, executed with 100% effort, really is the best, and most effective, way to build the body you’ve always wanted.

Here is a little something from Joe’s week two workout in a way to those chisel abs!!

Joe Warner 12 week body plan pic

Upper body (Monday and Friday)
1A Incline bench press
Sets 4 Reps 8
1B Thick grip chin-up
Sets 4 Reps 8 (or failure, whichever comes first – it’s failure)

2A Rack pulls
Sets 4 Reps 10
2B Triceps dip
Sets 4 Reps 8 (or to failure)

3A High pull
Sets 3 Reps 8
3B Trap 3 raise
Sets 3 Reps 12

4A Hanging leg raise
Sets 4 Reps 25
4B Plank
Sets 4 Time 30-45sec

Joe Warner 12 week body plan picsLower body (Wednesday and Saturday)
1A Squat
Sets 6 Reps 8
1B Hamstring curl
Sets 4 Reps 6

2A Sled pull (50kg)
Sets 3 Distance 30m
2B Walking dumbbell lunge
Sets 3 Distance 20m
2C Calf raise
Sets 3 Reps 20 

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