October 23, 2020

Victoria Beckham Diet Secrets: Victoria Beckham Recommended 2 Healthy Eating Books!

Victoria Beckham Recommended healthy eating books on her twitter! You can see Victoria Beckham diet and weight loss secrets from her favorite books.

Victoria Beckham weight loss diet secrets

Honestyle healthy

She recommended a book at her twitter. It’s called Honestyle healthy, telling how to eat the alkaline way, which was Victoria Beckham’s way of eating to keep slim and also attracted a lot of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Kirsten Dunst.

Love this healthy eating cook book – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Weight Loss and Diet Secrets Victoria Beckham Recommended Healthy Eating Books

You can buy it at Amazon here



Skinny Bitch

Victoria also recommended a book called “skinny bitch” now a best seller, after she was spotted with this book in her hand.


Pu-erh tea

Besides books, Victoria also contributed to Pu-erh tea’s popularity because she mentioned about it some time before.